Do you have a goal/intention/focus for 2021? 

The staff at Mettler Center in Champaign, Illinois have chosen a word of intent for 2021 and we would like to share them with you!

These focus words are usually about personal growth or things that are important to us which we want to emphasize in the year.

Check out the focus words below!


Respect: “I think a good word for me this year is “Respect”.

Over the last year, many things have happened that I feel have divided us and made us think negatively towards others. I feel that it is important to remind myself each day to be respectful of other’s opinions/decisions and try to see something from their view instead of passing judgment.”

—Dr. Kimberly Painter



“For me, it is all about perspective and staying positive. You see what you look for and every day you can choose how you see the world.”

—Jessica Hewitt  


Balance: “My word for 2021 is ‘balance.'”

—Dr. Nikki Marini


Courage: “My word is “courage.”

To me, this means the willingness to push myself beyond the bounds of comfortability without the fear of failure or what others may think.

—Dayle Mueller


Courage: “My word is “positivity.”

—Dr. Jasmine Evans


Gratitude: “My word is gratitude.

—Dr. Deanna Moccia


Growth: “My word is growth.

This word to me means being the best that I can be, in the aspects of being a mother, a coworker, a friend; while making time to invest in myself as well.

—Ali Waldner


Gratefulness: “To live in the present moment and appreciate what I do have, instead of what I do not have.”

—Mary Frances Merdian


Pursuit: “My word is pursuit.

I am at a point in my life where I am striving to improve my skills as a physical therapist, improve my own body, and improve my relationships. None of these things happen on their own. Action is required on my part for improvements to occur. I have made my goals and know what I am aiming for; 2021 is a year of working to accomplish those goals.

—Dr. Matthew Gordon


Reconnect: “So much of our lives in 2020 was taken away from us—our ability to socialize, meet people, visit family, have parties, and just plain touch and hug those we love. Additionally, the major ways that we were allowed to connect involved technology or screens—Zoom calls, Facebook, Social Media. This helped to fill the gap but it is impersonal and not the same.

The goal for me this year (as it is allowed), is to “reconnect” with family and friends and do so in a more meaningful manner. Rather than send a text, I will try to make a phone call. Rather than put off talking with a family member, call them when I think about it. Rather than scroll through social media, pick up a book to read. Rather than worry about what is said online, play a game with my wife or kids or both. The art of CONNECTING has been lost and I want to regain this powerful tool.”

—Dr. Jeff Schroder