Why Do I Use Intuitive Eating?

"Clients learn to find enjoyment with food again, as well as respect and appreciation for their bodies."

woman eating pizza

While I find myself to be an Intuitive Eater, the more I work with clients, the more I see this concept does not necessarily come naturally for them or has gotten buried deep from years of dieting and needs to be brought back to the surface. Using the concepts of Intuitive Eating with my clients, I’ve found that it guides them out of having to deal with the guilt, shame, and constant repeat yo-yo battle dieting brings to their life. They learn to find enjoyment with food again, as well as respect and appreciation for their bodies.

Intuitive Eating is for you if you want:

  • to build a healthy relationship with all foods, and to stop avoiding certain foods because they are seen as “good”, “bad”, or “off-limits”
  • to feel confident with your food choices, enjoy food & not let it control you, and to obsessing/thinking about food all the time
  • to be able to listen & trust your body to tell you when it’s hungry and full
  • to tune out the inner critic of our food choices and to eat without shame, guilt, or regret
  • to learn how to cope with your feelings without using food
  • to stop comparing yourself to others and start loving & respecting your body
  • to exercise because you enjoy it, not let our food choices or calorie intake dictate our motivation to be active

I help clients to break free of the rules and restrictions that come with diets in order to find freedom and enjoyment with food. So, if this concept is speaking to you, I encourage you to set up a FREE 15 minute Meet the RD session to learn how we can work together to find balance and develop long-term lifestyle habits.

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