dermal-fascial restoration

Restoring tissue health.

Dermal-Fascial RestorationDermal-Fascial Restoration℠ (DFR℠) is an innovative approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions. A manual physical therapy method developed by Dr. Paul Mettler, DFR restructures (or releases) scar tissue that connects the deeper layers to muscle fascia—without causing further injury.

DFR is a new approach for addressing the effect of inflammatory processes on the muscular-skeletal system. When combined with traditional therapy methods, the rate and magnitude of recovery is improved dramatically. Dr. Mettler and his associates have successfully treated more than 10,000 patients with average scores of 70% to 90% in functional improvement and over 98% in patient satisfaction. Results are objective, immediate, and long-lasting.

How does DFR work?
By applying focused, high levels of tension on the adhesion, the physical therapist is able to restructure  the adhesive scar tissue (collagen) within the connective tissue without causing further inflammation or injury. Dermal-Fascial Restoration allows the intricate network of connective tissue to perform their specific and intended functions, resulting in improved function and reduced pain.

What causes adhesive scar tissue to form?
Small, repetitive injuries over time, major trauma, as well as a sedentary lifestyle can cause inflammation of the soft tissue, which can lead to the development of adhesive scar tissue.

Who can benefit from DFR?
DFR can benefit anyone newly referred to physical therapy, as well as those with acute or chronic conditions who have not responded to other forms of physical therapy or medical treatments.

How long is the treatment process?
DFR is never a treatment by itself, but is done in conjunction with other traditional therapy methods (e.g., conventional medical treatments, manual physical therapy, exercise and massage). However, teatment typically consists of 8–15 visits over a 2–3 month period.

How will I know if it is working?
Patients typically experience relief from pain in as little as 2–3 visits with increased range of motion and muscle function following this.

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