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“My care and treatment at Mettler was superb. After two treatments I knew I was on the road to recovery. Ben was an excellent therapist who answered questions and helped me focus on healing and regaining an active lifestyle. Would (and have) recommend Mettler and Ben to anyone who needs physical therapy.”

—Colletta A.

“After injuring my ankle, I was hesitant to seek physical therapy even though the injury was a result of several other injuries on the ankle, including two breaks and torn ligaments. As a member at Mettler, I was made aware of the free therapy consultation benefit. After meeting with Paul and learning more about the Mettler Release Technique (MRT), I decided to give therapy a try. It is the best decision I have made with regards to the health of my ankle. I now have increased flexibility in the joint, regained my strength, and no longer have daily pain associated with the many injuries in the area. The most important benefit associated with the therapy is my returning to a full active life. My workouts are essential to my health and happiness. Thanks to Ben, the Mettler team, and MRT for returning me to the activities I love most.”

—Chris Higgins

“I have shared with my doctor and many friends of the successful treatments I have received at Mettler. Not just with the treatment but the friendliness of the staff and also the convenience of location and parking.”

—Joan M.

“I have had knee problems for at least 10 years. I have seen many doctors and physical therapists. Peggy was the first to correctly diagnose and treat the problem! Her treatment will have a very positive long-term impact on my overall health.”

—Jorge C.

“I have experienced low back pain since childhood. I have tried many doctors and treatments and none of them were able to address the problem. I did not know what to expect on my first visit, but afterwards I was extremely satisfied because of the first time I learned of the reason for my pain and treatment for it. Dr. Mettler's method was life changing.”

—Julie W.

“Over the years my accidental injuries have led me back to the Mettler Center for effective, specialized, physical therapy for: my foot (broken ankle/broken leg), then some years later, somewhat surprising restoration of full function after complete shoulder replacement, involving damaged radial nerve, and, more recently, relief from all pain caused by a severe lower-back whiplash. In each instance, for each injury, the Mettler Center provided healing care by various expert therapists who dependably returned me to my normal, pain-free life. The remarkable people at the Mettler Center are genuinely interested, positively encouraging and wonderfully caring! Thankful!”

—Frank T.

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