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We offer several classes designed especially with older adults and seniors in mind. Our popular PACE class improves symptoms of arthritis. Full of Life is an advanced level of PACE and includes a structured fitness program, but also is great for those with special needs.

Group fitness classes are included in membership, but you don't have to be a member to take a class. Guests may enroll in a class online through the use of group fitness packages. If you are 65 or older, there's a good chance you're eligible for a free membership (and classes) through the SilverSneakers® program.

Balance & Vestibular, Level 1 (60 minutes)
Enhance function of your muscular, nervous, proprioception and vestibular systems for improved posture, balance and movement with increased control of your body. Includes pre- and post-assessments to measure improvements and individualize program and twice-weekly vestibular training with a third day of practice on your own. Participants are encouraged to repeat Level 1 for improved balance. This is a fee-based class.

Balance & Vestibular, Level 2 (60 minutes)
Further improve your balance through strengthening exercises of core and lower extremity to provide increased stability to your whole body while performing tasks. Includes pre- and post-program objective testing to measure leg strength and twice-weekly vestibular and strength training with a third day of home exercise. Prerequisite of Level 1 and instructor approval required before moving to Level 2. This is a fee-based class.

Boomer Beats (40 minutes)
Raise your heart rate in a fun new way using drumsticks, stability balls, and rock-star rhythm! "Finding the beat" takes on a whole new meaning in this high-energy class that will have you drumming your way to better fitness through cardio, balance, and strength training. Make some noise in your next workout!

Dance Fit for Silver Sneakers (60 minutes)
Get fit and have a blast while doing so using movements based on a variety of dance styles including the Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Line Dancing, Ballet, and more. It's not about perfecting technique or memorizing steps—the goal is getting a fun workout to great music!

Full of Life (55 minutes)
Our older-adult focus class incorporates the best of strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise in a fun, low-impact environment.

Full of Life Advanced (60 minutes)
Our older adult focused class that incorporates the best of strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise in a fun, low-impact environment. Advanced option includes more cardio and very little time spend in the chair.

Full of Life Cycle (30 minutes)
Put your workout into full gear with awesome oldies music. While you control the speed, resistance, and intensity of your workout. This low to moderate intensity ride is a perfect class for beginners and first time cyclists. Instructor will assist each participant with correct adjustments and form on cycle bike.

PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise) (45 minutes)
People with Arthritis Can Exercise is an exercise class designed specifically for those with arthritis or arthritis-like conditions. PACE participants can expect to gain improved range of motion in the joints, balance, agility, social life, self-esteem, mood, sleep, and decreased pain in the joints.

Zumba® for Seniors (45 minutes)
Zumba for seniors is a low impact, easy-to-follow, dance fitness party. This Zumba class modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. This class is uniquely designed to fit various fitness levels. Whether you are up and on the go, or want a good workout remaining in the chair, this class is for you. Give it a try and get moving!

Consider these other classes

Chair Yoga (35 minutes)
This class will increase your flexibility, balance, and strength without you having to get up and down from the floor—or be upside down. Come enjoy the benefits of yoga: mental clarity, relaxation, and increased flexibility.

Gentle Yoga (60 minutes)
Traditional yoga postures are presented in a slower-paced and more relaxing format with an emphasis on promoting flexibility, poise, body alignment, and balance. Yoga postures are presented with modifications and use of props to allow for a wide range of abilities and for the use of yoga in promoting recovery from injury. A class that is both restorative and challenging.

Gentle Yoga Advanced (45 minutes)
Our older adult-focused class that incorporates the best of strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise in a fun, low-impact environment. The advanced option includes more cardio and very little time spent in the chair.

Mindful Meditation (60 minutes)
This beginner-friendly course will introduce the concept of mindul meditation and cultivate tools for mindfulness including breathing sequences, visualization, body scan practices, and concentration techniques. Each class will include specific mindfulness meditation tips and techniques, a guided meditate session, and time for reflection. At the end of the session particpants will be equipped to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and maintain their own meditation practice.

Mindful Movement (45 minutes)
An eclectic class with inspiration from dance, Qi Gong, and various styles of yoga. Focusing on balance, breath, flexibility, and overall movement. Exercise your mind & body while expanding your fitness awareness in this unique class.

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