why weight

It’s time.

You’re ready, you’re not afraid to sweat, and you’re committed to the focus it’ll take. Let’s get serious about losing weight.

Why Weight? is a rigorous 8-week diet, fitness, and education program tailored to your weight-loss goals. You’ll lose pounds, and gain healthy habits you'll use for the rest of your life.

If you’re disciplined enough to follow guidelines designed with your health in mind, Why Weight? Is capable of quick results. A knowledgeable Registered Dietitian and motivating personal trainers will work with you to achieve your goals—and give you the knowledge necessary to make weight loss permanent. Mettler fitness membership is included during the 8-week program.

Nutrition component:

  • Initial nutrition assessment with a Registered Dietitian to familiarize you with the program
  • Individualized meal plan and food label
  • Weekly review of food log
  • Eight 30-minute sessions with a Registered Dietitian (one session per week)
  • Sessions based on your specific needs and lifestyle goals

Fitness component:

  • Initial fitness assessment session with a certified personal trainer
  • Trainer-designed program to help you achieve your fitness goals while creating accountability and motivation
  • Two 30-minute personal training sessions per week to focus on intense cardiovascular training, as well as strength and flexibility

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