When Life Is a Pain in the Neck...

Many of us suffer from neck and head pain, making life difficult or even unbearable at times. The possible causes are numerous: muscle tightness, muscle weakness, spinal misalignment, poor posture, injury, jaw dysfunction, overuse, etc. In many instances, therapeutic massage can help relieve or prevent pain and restore tissues to their proper function by elongating muscles and releasing tense areas in the soft tissues.

Looking at the images below may give you a better understand of the makeup of the head and neck and realize why there are so many potential problems in this area.

Here is side view of the neck muscles. Imagine how they all work together to move the head in various directions! These muscles do a lot of work and small movements all day, and are prone to injury and overuse.



This illustration shows a back view of some of the neck and upper back muscles. Notice the white areas which are connective tissue. Stress, poor posture, repetitive motions, etc., cause tension and tightness in the muscles and connective tissue resulting in headaches and head/neck pain.



This anterior view reveals the deeper muscles of the neck. This is a complex area of the body!




Here is a side view demonstrating the muscles of the face and head. It might surprise you that there are muscles on the skull, and check out that large covering of connective tissue on top of the head! Scalp and facial massage not only feels great, but helps release tense areas in the soft tissues bringing relief from pain and headaches.