The road to recovery following a surgery or injury is not easy, and sometimes not all that laid out. Feeling stiff or sore can prevent you from partaking in your favorite activities or make necessary tasks painful. Physical therapy helps to get folks back to feeling themselves and increasing strength and movement in target problem areas of the body. Mettler Center offers many services to get you feeling better faster. What a typical physical therapy session involves may fluctuate dependent on your needs, but often sessions for mild issues overlap in activity.

Initial Assessment

A first visit with a physical therapist will include an examination to monitor your current level of strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and more. Initial evaluation of these factors helps to determine a routine most beneficiary towards your recovery. Mettler Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy, personalizing PT journeys to best suit individuals and increase positive outcomes.

Ongoing Sessions

After your first assessment, you will begin to strive towards PT goals set with your physical therapist during each session. Restoring mobility and regaining daily functions takes determination, as these typical treatments involved in ongoing session require commitment.

Therapeutic modalities

Desired outcomes from PT sessions often include improved flexibility and blood flow, reduced swelling, and manageable pain levels. Therapeutic modalities are employed in attempts to reach those goals. Physical therapists usually refer to these different methods to improve mobility and comfort, while increasing strength. It is likely more than one of these will be utilized over the duration of your therapy practice.

  • Heat. Also known as thermotherapy, heat therapy helps manage pain and stiffness.
  • Ice. Cold compressions are a universal form of therapy, as they’re used to treat pain and muscle spasms, and reduce swelling.
  • Electrical stimulation. This kind of therapy sends electrical currents into muscles to reduce spasms and pain. It can also prevent atrophy, maintaining patients’ strength.
  • Dry needling. This technique evolved from acupuncture and is a popular form in alternative medicine.
  • Ultrasound. The main purposes of this type of therapy is to break down scar tissue and increase blood flow.


Stretch and exercise play a major role in the journey to recovery. Having positive communication with your physical therapist will ensure your pain levels are accommodated for in the practice. Specific stretches that cater to your needs will be assigned for you to complete at home. Commitment to at-home PT contributes to a speedier and wholesome recovery.

Positive communication between patient and therapist will evolve what a typical therapy session involves. If you need anything from a personal trainer in Champaign, IL to comprehensive physical therapy, Mettler Center’s got you covered. Contact us today for a free pain consultation to start your journey toward feeling your best self again!

Justin Yeung, PT, DPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy at Mettler Center. 

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