alexander technique

Better health through movement re-education.

The Alexander Technique is a way to move with a greater degree of ease and coordination, the way nature intended. It is not a form of exercise, or a treatment, but rather, an educational method where you learn to recognize and then redirect harmful movement habits that you may have built up over a lifetime. Through careful and delicate hands-on work, the teacher works with the student to encourage the appropriate amount of effort for the particular activity or task that one wants to perform. In this way, we develop the ability to choose, or to fine-tune how to do what we do, from everyday activities, to exercise, to skilled activities such as playing an instrument, dancing, or hitting a tennis ball. 

Why do people study the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique teaches us to be mindful of our movement, not just in skilled activities, but perhaps more important, in everyday life. You learn to become aware of unrecognized patterns of excess tension. You learn how to react thoughtfully rather than automatically to various stimuli of life. You learn how to redirect yourself with a more efficient way of functioning. All of this results in improved coordination, balance, poise, and a delightful feeling of lightness and ease. 

Alexander Technique Pricing
Mettler members and physical therapy patients receive 10% off.


15-minute session: $24
30-minute session: $42
45-minute session: $60
60-minute session: $78

10 session package

15-minute session: $228
30-minute session: $396
45-minute session: $510
60-minute session: $684


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