Adopting new behaviors to commit to your PT is incredibly influential toward recovery. We understand that adjusting to a new routine is not always easy. Without the guidance of a physical therapist or formality of a clinic, it is common for patients to not make time for all their PT needs. That is why we have laid out ways to keep up with PT at home. These steps will encourage dedication toward home-based exercises, allowing you to strive toward your physical therapy goals.

1. Educate Yourself

Knowing the benefits that come from at-home exercises is sure to motivate you. Ask your physical therapist questions to learn more about how implementing an at-home routine contributes to a stronger recovery. Understand a committed PT schedule will help to avoid running into future issues when properly executed.

2. Set Goals

One way to keep your at-home physical therapy on track is to set goals. Visualizing yourself enjoying activities post-PT will inspire you to take the necessary steps to get there. Some examples of goals you can set include:

  • Being able to ride a bike with your friends
  • Getting back to work
  • To play your favorite sport without pain

3. Strategize

Time-management is one of the substantial ways to keep up with PT at home. Adding a PT schedule to your calendar is a great start. You can also set an alarm to keep you on track and serve as a reminder on busy days. If you find it difficult to make time for exercises throughout your day, wake up early. That way, you won’t have it hanging over your head during the day and you’ll jump-start your morning.

4. Record

Maintaining a journal is useful to monitor any pain or progress you experience. Tracking these will support the communication with your physical therapist, as you can reference your detailed home-based entries when talking about your obstacles and improvements. Being able to see your headway on paper keeps you accountable and motivated.

Physical therapy services are conducive to your recovery. Utilizing these steps will build a strong foundation for your home-based physical therapy regimen and build confidence on your journey with PT.