Water Fitness in Winter? Yes!

Water fitness is known to be therapeutic, but it can also be a serious strength, cardio, and endurance workout for those who want the challenge! Water provides constant resistance in all directions of movement and it unloads the joint—what more could you want? 

5 Benefits of Water Fitness

  1. Relieve Stress - Studies show water decreases anxiety
  2. Burn Calories - 400–500/hour, depending on exercise
  3. Build Strength - Water has 4–42 times the resistance of air
  4. Reduce Impact - Ideal for arthritis, back and knee issues
  5. Have Fun - It's enjoyable—even when working hard

Check out the new class which will be begin January 8th, 2018!

Water Fitness at Clark-Lindsey

Mettler Center is very excited to announce year-round Water Fitness at Clark-Lindsey's brand-new heated pool (89-92° F). Get your heart rate up with low-impact cardio while in the water. Enjoy access to free parking and locker room access. Don’t miss this soothing, warm water exercise during these cold winter months!

When: M/W/F, 12-12:50pm
Instructor: Emily Sawlaw
Location: Clark-Lindsey Pool
Punch Card (10 classes): Member: $90, Guest: $100
3-Month Pass: Member: $275, Guest: $300

Get involved by purchasing a punch card or three month pass at Mettler's front desk or by calling (217) 356-6543.