Water Fitness in Winter? Yes!

Water fitness is known to be therapeutic, but it can also be a serious strength, cardio, and endurance workout for those who want the challenge! Water provides constant resistance in all directions of movement and it unloads the joint—what more could you want? 

5 Benefits of Water Fitness

  1. Relieve Stress - Studies show water decreases anxiety
  2. Burn Calories - 400–500/hour, depending on exercise
  3. Build Strength - Water has 4–42 times the resistance of air
  4. Reduce Impact - Ideal for arthritis, back and knee issues
  5. Have Fun - It's enjoyable—even when working hard

Check out the new class which will be begin January 8th, 2018!

Is Aquatic Therapy Right For You?

Aquatic therapy has been utilized by physical therapists for many decades with the purpose of assisting patients with reaching their goals using the unique properties of the water. Metter Center partners with the YMCA to treat patients with this same purpose in mind. The water allows the therapist to treat a variety of patients who otherwise have a difficult time completing exercises and activities in a traditional physical therapy setting.


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