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Staying Safe While Gardening

Uprooting Bad Gardening Habits: How to Avoid Injuries this Spring

Spring means warmer weather, sunshine, and returning to outdoor activities but to a physical therapist it means something slightly different. In my world, April activities usually bring May referrals. During spring months, it is common to see an increase of patients with shoulder and back issues from repetitive injuries sustained while gardening. Let me share a few quick tips with you to keep you happy and injury free this season.

Therapy After Knee Replacement

Joint replacement is very common nowadays. Among all replacements, knee replacements have been around the longest and are the most common.

The answer to the question, "Do I need therapy after knee replacement?" is definitely, YES. Sometimes, one can get by without therapy after a hip replacement, but not for knee.  

Pain usually is the main reason people pursue a joint replacement. A small percentage is due to pain caused by acute trauma. However, the majority is due to arthritis in the knee, especially in the “bone-on-bone” cases. Long-standing pain in the knee can lead to the following changes:

When to See a Physical Therapist

This is a great question. Quite often, people will think their problems will go away with time, or their issue is not "bad enough" to seek professional help. Or, people think they need to experience pain to see a physical therapist. (In fact, there is always a certain percentage of our patients do not have pain.)
People have poor endurance
Obviously, most people come to a physical therapist because of pain which disturbs their daily lives. However, there is a growing number who suffer from fatigue and poor endurance who are coming for therapy also. Most of the people in this group may have a history of cancer and have undergone chemotherapy. They do not have pain, but feel tired and lack energy. Personally, I have seen a few of these patients, and they have positive response to therapy.

What is involved in therapy?

Getting Fit Without Getting Hurt

Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT talks about how to start a new workout plan without injuring yourself. Listen to the audio or read the Q&A below.

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Tell us about yourself?
I am a doctor of physical therapy and I have worked at the Mettler Center now for nearly 2 years. I am currently training to run the Christie Clinic Marathon in April, following this I am going to be doing a half Iron man in July and also am planning on doing the Chicago Marathon later this year.

What Do You Know About Exercise?

Exercise seems to be such a common word. Especially, nowadays with people so health and fitness conscious. With all of the exercise that is occurring, how much of it is specific and purpose-orientated?

Exercise & Medication

“Exercises” to physical therapists are like medication to doctors. They are prescribed for a condition, with a particular purpose behind it, and with a specific dosage. As with medicine, use of one exercise may be helpful for one condition but, maybe, harmful for another. And the intensity of an exercise is like the dosage of a medication people take. Too much can cause more harm, and too little will be ineffective. It's true that some people experience good results after doing some exercises they learned from television. This is because some exercises, like ibuprofen, have more general effect for a wide range of condition. However, the effect is usually limited.

Advancing Therapy 20 Yrs Later

For over two decades, Dr. Paul Mettler and the Mettler Center physical therapy team have been at the forefront of hands-on treatment for various aches, pains and diagnoses. This has led to thousands of very successful and satisfied patients over the years.

The key ingredient has been the Mettler Release Technique (MRT®) / Dermo-Myofascial Release® (DMR), an innovative and highly effective treatment to address stiffness and tightness in the connective tissue of our bodies. This treatment, unique only to Mettler Center, has been successfully used on thousands of patients over the past 20 years.


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