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Take the Primal Challenge

Jump start your 2017 fitness goals with something new.

Challenge yourself with six weeks of small group training customized to fit your individual goals. Each 60-minute session will consist of a 10–12 minute dynamic warm-up, continued with a 35–40 minute workout routine, and finishing off with a flexibility component.

This new class will integrate the Primal 7 exercise system, a “supported bodyweight trainer™” designed for all ages, body types, and fitness levels.

Open to first-time training clients only. Class limited to eight participants.
Sign up today at Member Services or by calling 356-6543.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12–1pm
January 17 – February 23
Instructor: Eddie Edwards
Cost: $130

Power Up Your Workout

Don't be fooled into thinking the Power Plate is a gimmick. First used by Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s to counteract the loss of muscle and bone density, it is used today by elite athletes around the world.

The Power Plate was recently featured on, in an article titled, Work Out Like Celebrities and Professional Athletes With Power Plate, which highlights the history, benefits, results and impact the technology has upon everyone, at all ages and all fitness levels.

Mettler Center offers Power Plate training and offers a free Power Plate Consultation.

Resolutions for Personal Trainers

Welcome to the end of January…the point at which a third of all resolutions are abandoned.

But why do we fail to reach the goals we set for ourselves? The reasons are varied, but typically involve setting too broad/many goals, setting unrealistic goals, no game plan, and lack of support…

When it comes to diet/fitness-related resolutions, these pitfalls are (hopefully) addressed for clients who utilize a "qualified and competent" personal trainer. Right?

Maybe. But even trainers who acknowledge the common issues should still work to improve and hone their skills of helping clients reach their goals.

Here are four ideas for personal trainers to practice while working with Resolutioners:

Breaking Through the Plateau, 2

The second part of this series I would like to spend time talking about a different type of limitation: lack of knowledge.

We all have varying levels of knowledge when it comes to exercise and fitness. Our knowledge is accumulated through many means. Unfortunately, some of our sources are not completely accurate or are even biased to sell a certain product or exercise technique. Fortunately, for you, Mettler Center is stocked-full of the most experienced, educated, and certified trainers in the area! What’s more, you can sit down and talk with one of our trainers about your specific questions by scheduling a complimentary 30 minute consult.

Here one example of how having a bit of knowledge can make a difference in your results.

Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goal

This time of year people are beginning exercise programs because it’s the New Year, spring is coming, or it’s just time to finally do it. It’s exciting at first, but setbacks can come easy if you don’t watch out for them and pace yourself. Here are five things you can do to keep it going and ensure the great progress you want this year.

  1. Start small. Be realistic with your goals. Working out seven times a week sounds great and it may even be doable in the short term, but you’ll burn out quickly. If you’re new to exercising or just getting back to it, start small and build up. Twice a week for 30 minutes can make a big difference.

  2. Log it. Do it for yourself. You don’t have to publish it or announce to your family and friends. Let others know if it helps, but ultimately it’s for you. Write it down old school style or there are many great free mobile device apps out there.


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