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Women’s Health Month

May is Women’s Health Month, a national effort to raise awareness of the health issues facing women, and encourage women to take manageable steps toward improving one’s health.

Mettler Center has physical therapy services dedicated to pelvic floor health. We treat women of all ages with pelvic-related problems such as urinary incontinence, unexplained pelvic/abdominal pain, and difficulties with sexual function.

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy
& How Can It Help You?

by Jasmine Evans, PT, DPT

Wednesday, May 16th, 10am in Studio C

Women's Health: Let's Get Real

Let's get real…

Nearly half of all women will experience events in their lifetime (pregnancy and childbirth, weight gain, menopause, etc.) which will impact their pelvic health. And yet, few of these women will seek out help for these issues out of embarrassment or the idea that no treatments exist.

5 Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Don't Ignore These 5 Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

by Dr. Jasmine Evans DPT

Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most misunderstood impairments in the musculoskeletal realm. So, what is the pelvic floor? To put it simply, the pelvic floor is a cluster of muscles in a person’s pelvic region that are responsible for several functions, including but not limited to, maintaining continence, assisting with sexual function, and supporting surrounding organs, including the uterus, bladder, and rectum. It is important to acknowledge that both men and women have a pelvic floor, and both are susceptible to dysfunction.


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