Could You Have 'Texting Neck?'

If you’re anything like me you have your entire world on your cell phone. Contact information, a calendar full of appointments, important emails and even more important baby pictures. It is estimated that the average adult checks his or her cell phone 85 times a day. That equates to 23 days a year or 3.9 years of your life that you spend staring at that small screen. High school-aged individuals spend an additional 5,000 hours a year on their phones compared to the rest of us. It is apparent how important cell phones are in our lives and especially in our teen’s lives. The issue is that our bodies are not made to maintain this typical “cell phone posture” for long periods of time. This means that people are getting injured and an alarming amount of teens and adolescents with “text neck” pain are popping up in physical therapy clinics.

What is Alexander Technique?

Backaches, headaches, sore necks and shoulders…what causes the pains of life?

According to the late F. M. Alexander, it is life-long patterns of misuse of our bodies which lead these problems. We slouch and slump, compressing the spine and constricting breathing, digestion and circulation. Over time, we accept these bad habits as “normal,” unaware of the extent to which we are contributing to our own physical pain, stress and dysfunction.

Alexander proposed these unhealthy patterns can be changed (or unlearned) and developed a technique to assist others. His method as been used worldwide for over 100 years.

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) has created an animated summation of the Alexander Technique and its benefits. Watch the video to learn more.

When Life Is a Pain in the Neck...

Many of us suffer from neck and head pain, making life difficult or even unbearable at times. The possible causes are numerous: muscle tightness, muscle weakness, spinal misalignment, poor posture, injury, jaw dysfunction, overuse, etc. In many instances, therapeutic massage can help relieve or prevent pain and restore tissues to their proper function by elongating muscles and releasing tense areas in the soft tissues.

Looking at the images below may give you a better understand of the makeup of the head and neck and realize why there are so many potential problems in this area.


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