Massage Packages Coming Soon

We’ve put together four massage and spa packages of services which are sure to please. Each can be scheduled all in one day, or broken into separate days. Our design team is creating beautiful cards which will make great gifts for the special people in your life. Our packages can also make a great “spa day” for yourself or for you and a friend or loved one!

Regular Massage for Your Health

Do you have frequent headaches, chronic pain and/or tension, an injury that has changed the way your body feels and works? Are you tired of restricted movement? Do you have difficulty bending over to pick up your kids, or turning your neck to check your blind spot before changing lanes? If so, you deserve a plan of action.

Massage therapy can play a major role in this plan, but consider this:

Getting a massage on occasion is like going to the gym once in a while and expecting amazing results.

While a single massage can have a very positive effect, if there is much work to be done or a problem has existed for a long time, it may take several sessions to get your muscles to respond. Our muscles have memory. So, frequent massage during the initial stages of therapy helps your body establish reset patterns to hold the massage treatment longer.

How Qualified is My LMT?

A: If he or she is a licensed massage therapist at Mettler—perhaps more than you realize!

Massage therapy has long been a legitimate and educated profession, and the standards continue to rise. More and more medical professionals see the value in massage therapy for anything from injury recovery to reducing anxiety and depression.  Individuals are increasing taking their health into their own hands as well, utilizing massage and other body therapies to manage chronic pain or tension, injuries, and stress as well as prevent future injuries and illnesses. Many people are finding that adding massage to their lifestyle helps keep them out of doctor offices and incurring hefty medical bills.

So, what does the education of a licensed massage therapist look like? Here is a general layout of a typical curriculum at an accredited massage therapy school:


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