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Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

"If your primary doctor or OB/GYN is not discussing your pelvic health, then bring it up."

pregnant physical therapyPhysical therapists have a much bigger role in treating pregnant and postpartum women than many people, including healthcare practitioners, may know. Physical therapists in general have a responsibility to assist women with returning to physical activity following childbirth. Yet, therapists who are certified in women’s health, have a greater role and capability in helping women address some of the common conditions and symptoms that arise during pregnancy and in the postpartum stage.


Headaches can result from a variety of sources, but a common factor that people tend to overlook is faulty postures. Did you know that 20% of headache symptoms are musculoskeletal-related? Poor posture places unnecessary stress on the joints and ligaments in the cervical spine. This could lead to increased muscle tension, improper blood flow, inflammation, and subsequent, pain complaints. By correcting your posture and reducing existing impairments (i.e. muscle tightness, weakness), you could reduce the re-occurrences and intensity of headache symptoms.

The first steps to solving musculoskeletal-related headache symptoms is to be able to identify specific attributes…


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