Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of yoga go far beyond improving flexibility. Certified yoga instructor Andy Hamblin discusses the many varied benefits of yoga for all ages and abilities.

Staying Active As You Age

Aging is a fact of life, as certain as "death and taxes." And while there are inevitable, age-related losses which occur during that process, we have a great deal of influence over how we age than we may realize. Lori Ozment discusses some of the reasons to stay active as we age.

Ready for Summer: Running

Summer is here. After being dormant for the long winter, many people are dying to be outside and have some fun. It is important to prepare your body to be active again.

The most common sports activity people will resume is running. It is convenient and cheap. You can run at any time, anywhere, and it does not require a partner.  And it does not require any equipment. Well, it is not exactly true. It does require a good pair of shoes to reduce your chance of injury.

Running is a high impact activity. The reaction force from the ground can be traumatic to the feet. Therefore, in general, running on grass/dirt is better than concrete. Furthermore, shoes with a good shock absorption or cushioned heel will greatly reduce the reaction force. Your heel is the bone designed to bear weight first before it transfers it to the toes. It is bigger and stronger. For distant runners, it is important to land on your heels first and not your forefoot.

Resolutions for Personal Trainers

Welcome to the end of January…the point at which a third of all resolutions are abandoned.

But why do we fail to reach the goals we set for ourselves? The reasons are varied, but typically involve setting too broad/many goals, setting unrealistic goals, no game plan, and lack of support…

When it comes to diet/fitness-related resolutions, these pitfalls are (hopefully) addressed for clients who utilize a "qualified and competent" personal trainer. Right?

Maybe. But even trainers who acknowledge the common issues should still work to improve and hone their skills of helping clients reach their goals.

Here are four ideas for personal trainers to practice while working with Resolutioners:

Making Your Momentum in 2015

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Muscle Confusion: Fact or Fiction

“Muscle confusion” is a regular practice of changing things up within your workout routine, claiming to keep your muscles “confused” to illicit more results. The theory is your body never gets used to one thing, so it is constantly adapting. When our body adapts correctly, we become stronger.

The term "muscle confusion" came onto the scene in the 70’s when bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider included it amongst his training principles. It has been re-popularized by the P90X workout series and has been on the lips of many clients and trainers alike. However, muscle confusion is more of a buzzword than it is an actual physiological principle. There are several physiological principles which are time tested, researched and approved, for which we can compare this concept to see if it holds up.

Breaking Through the Plateau, 3

Weight loss goals tend to be one of the top considerations amongst members and clients. I often get asked about the “fat burning” zone on the cardio machines.

The Fat Burning Zone

To understand this, we must know how and where the body derives its energy (adenosine triphosphate or ATP) to do activities. There are three energy systems that provide ATP:

Breaking Through the Plateau, 2

The second part of this series I would like to spend time talking about a different type of limitation: lack of knowledge.

We all have varying levels of knowledge when it comes to exercise and fitness. Our knowledge is accumulated through many means. Unfortunately, some of our sources are not completely accurate or are even biased to sell a certain product or exercise technique. Fortunately, for you, Mettler Center is stocked-full of the most experienced, educated, and certified trainers in the area! What’s more, you can sit down and talk with one of our trainers about your specific questions by scheduling a complimentary 30 minute consult.

Here one example of how having a bit of knowledge can make a difference in your results.


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