Spring into Shape with Hot Yoga

Put away the winter blues and warm up this Spring 2014 with Hot Yoga as you stretch, strengthen, and tone in our 95 degree heated studio. Discover the additional benefits that heat provides.


  • Deeper stretches – Warm muscles help you safely enter deeper poses.
  • Reduced stress – Extra heat promotes relaxation of muscles and nerves.
  • Eliminate toxins – Heavy sweating helps to flush toxins from your body.

Choose a Night

Sundays, 4:30–5:30p, April 6 – May 18, 2014, Erin/Anna
Sundays, 6-7pm, April 6 – May 18, 2014, Kathy/Nicky
Mondays, 8-9pm, April 7 – May 12, 2014, Heather/Kristina
Wednesdays, 7-8pm, April 9 – May 14, 2014, Peggy/rotating


6-week Punchcard: $48 member, $54 non-member
Punchcards allow you to make up a class another night, in case you miss.
Drop-in: $10 (If space is available.)

Ready to sign up? Call 217-356-6543

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