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  2. Type “METTLER  keyword below ” (without quotes) and send.

ABSTR - Abs & Stretch, Abs & Strength
BALLET - Ballet for Adult Beginner
BBB - Body Bar & Bands
CMIX - Complete Mix
CYCLE - All cycling classes
DANCE - Line Dance & other dances
FBC - Full Body Challenge
FOL - Full of Life
FUSION - Fusion
MMIX - Monday Mix
PILATES - Pilates
STRCOA - Strength Coach
SBA - Stretching & Body Alignment
MINDBODY - MindBody (Saturday only)
WATER - Water Fitness
YOGA - All yoga classes
ZUMBA - Zumba, Zumba for Seniors

A separate text is required for each group you are subscribing to. Confirmation reply arrives within seconds.

Keywords are not case-sensitive. Opt-out at any time by replying STOP to 797979.