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End the Year Healthy and Strong

If the buckets of Halloween candy weren't enough warning, the Thanksgiving leftovers that are in your fridge should signal that we're squarely in the middle of the holiday season.

It's a time when it's easy to stop eating right, exercising, or giving ourselves enough time to breathe.

We want to make sure that you enter 2013 with a positive frame of mind. That starts by finishing up 2012 happy and healthy. We have nutrition tips to get you through your holiday parties and an inspirational story to get you to - and through - your first yoga class. 

Need more incentive? Hot Yoga has started and is still taking members. Bring a friend to our classes by purchasing the "Home for the Holidays" punch card, so you don't feel guilty neglecting your visitors while you hit the gym.

We'd like you to use the last weeks of 2012 to get ready for all of the excitement that 2013 can bring when you rededicate yourself to Whole Life Fitness.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Tips for Shopping for Children's Toys
Choosing the Best Children's Toys   
The American Occupational Therapy Association, which focuses on helping children develop motor skills, offers the following tips for choosing toys that will be both fun and beneficial to the children in your life this holiday season.

Before purchasing your gift ask yourself:
  • Is the toy safe and age appropriate? If the suggested age range is too young, your child may get bored. If the range is too old, the child may be exposed to small parts that could pose a safety risk.
  • Can the toy be played with in multiple ways? Toys like blocks can be stacked, knocked down, lined up, crashed into, and even substituted for play food in a pretend kitchen. They let your child's imagination run rampant.
  • Does the toy appeal to several senses? Toys that encourage children to push buttons, move parts, open doors, or sort shapes will often lengthen play time. 
  • Does the toy involve the use of both hands? Moving parts, buttons, and gears encourage activity and movement. 
  • Does the toy encourage communication, thinking, or solving problems? Board games and science kits offer older kids the chance to use thinking skills in a new way. Dress-up clothes, costumes, playhouses, kitchen sets, and tools can all be used with more than one child to foster imagination.
Mettler Member Discusses Yoga    
Georgine Paulus joined Mettler Center in November 2010. She had been a recreational jogger since college and was interested in the morning spinning classes to keep her off the slippery ice and give her knees a break. Later she added strength classes. 

Although Georgine had always been interested in health and fitness, she was never very diligent about stretching. The stretching breaks before and after her classes served as constant reminders that she just didn't stretch enough. 

After nearly two years as a Mettler member, she gave stretching a try via yoga. One evening class in August was all it took! She immediately signed up for a six-week Hot Yoga class and couldn't get enough.

Georgine now attends at least one class a day, Saturday through Wednesday, including Hatha Yoga, Core Yoga, Sunset Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Flex and Flow Yoga.

In the months since beginning yoga, Georgine says her flexibility, posture, core strength, and endurance have improved. Her muscle tone and balance have improved, too.

"I learn something new from every instructor," Georgine said. "I used to ignore the after-work classes because I just could not get myself  motivated to go and 'work out.' Now I look forward going to yoga and even miss it on days when there is not a class."

To learn about the various yoga classes that we offer, check out our Yoga/Pilates class descriptions.

If you have additional questions about which class is most likely to meet your needs, contact Joy Sheehan, Mettler Center Manager and Group Fitness Coordinator.
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
This holiday season, give yourself the gift of better nutrition. Buy any NutriCoach package and get an additional one free. This offer is valid until December 31stMore nutrition
Upcoming Events

View our online calendars for the most current information.
Holiday Hours 

To allow our staff time to be with their families and friends this Christmas, we will close at 2pm on December 24th. We will reopen on December 26th. 


We will close at 6pm on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day hours are 10am-3pm, with a modified class schedule. Look for special class schedule on New Years day. We will return to normal hours and schedule on January 2nd. 


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.

Try Hot Yoga

Are you looking for a new yoga class? Our next Hot Yoga class began Monday at 8pm, but you can still register.


Hot Yoga is a form of yoga practiced in a studio which is heated to 105 degrees. The demanding nature of the yoga poses and heat are designed to raise your heart rate and tire your muscles.

We recommend that you bring plenty of water to the classes and make sure that you're well hydrated throughout.


Contact Joy Sheehan for more information about the class.

Punch Card for Holiday Guests

Be sure to grab our "Home for the Holidays" punch card. 


This card, for members only, allows members to bring visiting guests to the Mettler Center during the holidays.


Purchase a 10-punch card for $50. The card is good until January 14th and allows the family member or friend to work out or take a class.


See member services to learn more or to purchase.

Try Our Holiday Blitz Competition
Help a Child in Need 

Make a child's holiday season a little brighter this year.


Once again, we're partnering in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. To participate, drop off a new, unwrapped toy or gift card at Mettler on or before December 15th, and we'll deliver the items to the Salvation Army for you.

Locker Room Reminders 

We'd like to remind you to please pick up after yourself in the locker rooms. Towels should be picked up off the floor and put in the bin to be washed. Please leave cell phones on silent while working out or getting ready, too.

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