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Enjoying the Season

During the holiday season, we encourage you to continue to stay active, even as the temperatures drop. To assist, we've included suggestions for exercising safely outdoors this winter as well some fun ideas to keep you moving with family or friends.


If you haven't already, be sure to check out our holiday specials, and give the gift of health and fitness this year. For example, would a massage gift card or Muay Thai kickboxing package be a unique idea for someone on your list?

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT


5 Ways to Exercise Safely in Cold Weather
5 Ways to Exercise Safely in Cold Weather

1. Dress in Layers  
Many people dress too warmly and end up removing layers but get chilled when sweat starts to dry. Dress in layers and adjust as necessary throughout the workout. For your base layer, wear a wicking material to pull moisture away from the skin. Use a second layer of fleece with an outer layer that is waterproof and breathable for an ideal winter outfit.


2. Protect your hands, feet, and ears  

In low temperatures, blood is shunted away from the hands and feet to the center of the body to keep internal organs warm and protected. Since heat is concentrated on your body's core, extremities are often greater risk of frostbite. Keep in mind, blood flow will not return to the feet unless the temperature of the torso is normal or slightly warmer. So, to keep your feet toasty you must first keep the rest of your body warm at all times.


3. Medical Consideration  

If you have a history of heart problems or poor blood circulation in the hands and feet, we encourage you to check with your doctor before trekking outdoors when the temperature drops. Also, cold, dry air can trigger lung tightness and asthma attacks. Try wearing a scarf to warm up the air that's inhaled.


4. Know the warning signs  

The first sign of frostbite is numbness, followed by tingling and burning. For hypothermia, shivering and confusion are red flags.


5. Check with the weather man  

Always check the temperature and windchill before you walk out the door. Exercising when windchill temperatures are below zero is not advised.

"Getting My Life Back Means Everything"

Physical Therapy patient, Peggy Roberts, finally found the right place to give her the care and healing she so desperately hoped to find in Champaign/Urbana.


In Peggy's own words she expresses her sincere appreciation to her physical therapist, Peggy Hau, for her help. 


After having the free consultation with Peggy Hau, she said that she could help me. After already going through seven months of therapy with very little improvement, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that further therapy would help.


This is when I met Jeff. I like to think of Jeff as the magic man.  After he contacted Medicare, he brought me the good news of an extension. I'd been on the phone for days with Medicare asking for help, but all I could hear on the other end was No No No. I'm so grateful to Jeff for helping me get what I desperately needed.


I began my physical therapy the next day. Peggy explained the MRT and how your technique would help me. I was shocked at the first session results. Each session gave instant results. I was so happy I just wanted to go around hugging every person I could find to share how great I was feeling. My depression was a thing of the past. I became positive minded again and was eager to do my part in exercising at home like preparing for a marathon.


Peggy is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is highly dedicated in making a person's life as good as it can possibly be. She gives me confidence in myself that I thought I'd lost long ago.


Schedule a free consultation with one of our physical therapists to discuss whether therapy is right for you. Call 217-398-9800.  

10 Winter Activities to Keep You Moving

10 Winter Activities to Keep You Moving

Whether you are having a ladies getaway, a guys weekend trip, or quality time with your family or spouse, here are ideas for some winter fun this season.
  1. Hit the Slopes
    Grab the skis or snowboards and head for the snow. If you are a novice skier sign up for lessons and learn new skills while challenging your fitness.

  2. See the Sights
    Walk the neighborhood while admiring the twinkling holiday lights or window shop downtown and keep track of gift ideas.

  3. Just Kick It
    If you want to avoid the cold maybe it's a good time to try a new work out like Muay Thai kickboxing.

  4. Get in a Snowball Fight
    Way less messy than a food fight, and you will get plenty of extra laughs.

  5. Get On the Ice
    Ice skating is a classic winter outing so lace up those skates and start moving while building leg and core strength.

  6. Volunteer Your Time Simply shoveling snow for your neighbor or helping out at a local soup kitchen.

  7. Go Sledding
    A great activity especially if you have kids or grandkids with a lot of extra energy.

  8. Walk in a Winter Wonderland
    Bundle up and take a walk after a new snow. 

  9. Try the Alley
    If you crave a warmer activity invite friends to a bowling tournament.

  10. Attend Hot Yoga
    The warmth will relax your muscles and you can enjoy an excellent work out!
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Receive a FREE Grocery Store Tour when you schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation with Registered Dietitian. 
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Tuesday, December 24  

5am - 1pm

Last class 12:10p Flex & Flow


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1st class 7:15a Wake Up Yoga


Tuesday, December 31

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Struggling with what to get that "hard-to-shop-for" person on your list? Purchase one of "Mettler's Favorite Things" and finish your holiday shopping early this year!


  1. Gift Card 

  2. Spa Sampler Card 

  3. Muay Thai Session

  4. Hot Stone Massage

  5. Nutri-Bite Session

  6. Personal Training Session

  7. Home for the Holiday
      Punch Card

  8. Quest Bar Build-a-Box

  9. Any 3 Resistance Bands

10. Duffle Bag

Holiday Punch Cards

Don't forget to pick up a "Home for the Holidays" punch card for your out-of-town guests and family. This members-only perk is available for $55. Valid through January 20, 2014.

 Hot Stone Massage
December Discount

Melt away tension with soothing heat therapy, at a reduced rate! All Hot Stone Massages are $15 off through December. Don't miss this limited time offer.

New to Mettler: Dry Needling
New to Mettler:
Dry Needling

Mettler Therapy now performs functional dry needling for the treatment of chronic and acute muscle pain.


What is it?

Dry needling is a adjunct intervention performed by a skilled therapist who uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate trigger points for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.  


Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture

While both use needles, dry needling is not related to acupuncture in any way. Whereas acupuncture uses needles to move energy channels, dry needling targets and treats specific muscles to  improve functional movement. 


What are the benefits?

Results are immediate with patients seeing improvement in range of motion and decreased pain. The release of trigger points allows for regaining of quality movement patterns, thus decreasing overuse and stress in specific muscle tissue.

Functional dry needing is an effective treatment for low back, neck and shoulder pain, repetitive strain, tendinitis, and many other conditions.


Is it painful? 

At first glance this treatment seems intimidating and painful, however most patients who have received this treatment report experiencing minimal to no pain. Moderate muscle soreness can be expected afterwards which dissipates in 1 to 2 days.

New Muay Thai Kickboxing Class
Did you miss the first class with veteran fighter, Mark Miller? Sign up for the next 6-week class, Wednesdays, January 8th through February 12th from 6:30-7:30pm.
New Year's Classes
Join us on January 1st from 10am-3pm for a fun mix of new classes along with many of our current favorites. 

Preview of Class to Try:
- Ballet Burn
- Suspension Training
- Lunch Break Yoga
- Gentle Yoga
- Pilates
- Cycling 
FREE Private Kickboxing Session
FREE Private
Kickboxing Session

Would you like to try a free 30-minute Muay Thai session with professional fighter Mark Miller? Sign up at the front desk for a slot between 10am-3pm on January 1st.
Weight Loss Challenge
Mettler is planning to launch another Weight Loss Challenge in the new year. Stop by the front desk to give your name and contact info if interested.  
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