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Nutrition in November

It is time again to start thinking about the holidays, and making the most of this time of the year with family and friends. We are confident that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season and still have fun! 


One easy way you can jump-start your healthy holiday season is to take a moment to meet our newest registered dietitian, Robin Allen, MSPH, RD, LD. Robin brings to the table over 30 years experience working in the nutrition industry. We are thrilled to have her expertise available exclusively at the Mettler Center! Please utilize her as a resource. We are encouraging all members to take advantage of the complimentary 30-minute nutrition consultation regardless of whether you have done so previously.


In our first article, Robin shares some of her best tips and tricks on avoiding holiday weight gain. Then, be reminded of the importance of a positive social support system as you strive for your fitness goals. 

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT


Holiday Eating the Healthy Way
Holiday Eating the Healthy Way

Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

The holiday season should be a joyous time. This is a time to see family, friends, celebrate and give thanks. It can also be a stressful time of year.

Facts about holiday weight gain:

  • Research shows that contrary to popular belief, most people only gain about one pound over the holidays but some do gain up to 4-5 pounds.
  • The bad news is that most people don't ever lose that extra weight. It may stick with them for a lifetime.
  • Even individuals who did not gain weight, increased their body fat percentage over the holidays.
  • Just 200 extra calories (2 ounces of cheese, an extra cocktail, 2-3 mini candy bars) per day can add up to 2-3 pounds in 6 weeks.

Here are some tips to help prevent or control weight gain and have a less "stressed" holiday season: 

  • Budget your money and your calories wisely. Why waste your calories if you can have that food item any time of year.
  • Survey the buffet table at both parties and meals. Don't just take one of everything.
  • Don't go to parties hungry.
  • Stand away from the buffet table, preferably another room, if possible.
  • Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach and limit alcohol all together. Drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.
  • Share those holiday food gifts.
  • Buy treats you don't like and don't purchase them before you need them so they won't be in your cabinets. Give them away when the event is over.
  • If you know there won't be any healthy choices, bring a dish.
  • Regular, adequate sleep of 6 to 8 hours is associated with weight loss.
  • During the holidays, talk more and eat less, stress less!
Weight Loss is a Social Activity

Weight Loss is a Social Activity


Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds or attempting to lose a significant amount of weight, the key may be in your social support. 


Research has shown both teamwork and competition are powerful motivators which can significantly boost your success rate. Anytime individuals connect with like-minded people the chance for long-term success increases significantly.

4 Ways to Make Health and Fitness a Social Endeavor:

  1. Enlist a Workout Buddy 
    Training together you can keep each other accountable and make the process a lot more enjoyable. Make it a no-brainer, for example, every Tuesday morning you know you meet at 6:00 am to go for a run.
  2. Get the Family Tracking Together
    Nothing is harder than trying to eat right than when your spouse is enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts. It may not always be absolute, but the more cohesive your family's approach to health and wellness the better.
  3. Use Professional Resources
    Many people who are trying to lose weight feel alone, but having a professional who can encourage you, but can also share practical advice is invaluable. Whether it is your primary care physician or a registered dietitian make sure you connect with them and explore new ideas so you can stretch yourself in your wellness journey.
  4. Use Technology to Connect to Others
    Utilize apps and websites which allow you to connect and monitor the eating patterns and physical activity of your friends and co-workers. You can be a cheerleader for them, and they can return the favor. For example check out MyFitnessPal.
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Free Tour
Receive a FREE Grocery Store Tour when you schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation with Robin Allen. (A $20 value.)
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Date: November 18

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 Suspension Training

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Take Control Over What You Eat
Take Control Over What You Eat
Don't forget to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with registered dietitian, Robin Allen. This includes those who have had previous nutrition consultation.
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Grocery Store Tour

Would you like to know how to shop for healthy foods, what to look for when reading food labels, or how to select the best produce?


Join Robin Allen, RD, on a grocery store tour. Robin will guide you through the store and share her tips, showing you the important role of shopping in establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Date: November 20

Time: 12 - 1pm

Where: County Market (Kirby/Duncan)

Cost: $20

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