The Mettler Release
Try Something New at Mettler Center

This year has flown by and activities are not slowing down at Mettler Center anytime soon. November brings many exciting promotions, new staff, services, and programming!

We have expanded our physical therapy team, and our massage therapy team has introduced new and innovative massage treatments. We also have several new group fitness instructors who are now available for one-on-one lessons in yoga or Pilates. 

Please take time to explore what services may benefit you. 
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Indian Head Massage at Mettler
Indian Head Massage at Mettler
The massage therapy team at Mettler is continually striving to expand our knowledge and offerings to leave our clients feeling amazing! To this effect, Indian Head Massage is the latest technique to make it onto our Spa Offerings menu. Learn more about Indian Head Massage in the Q&A below.

What is Indian Head Massage?
Indian Head Massage, also known as "champissage," is a relaxing massage derived from the healing system of Ayurveda.

What are the benefits?
It is used to relieve muscle tension and stress, as well as prevent them from creeping back into the body. 

What is the massage like?
Oils are applied to the skin and hair. Massage and acupressure techniques are applied to the scalp, face, neck and shoulders for an intensely relaxing, yet invigorating, experience. The 30-minute massage is done in a chair with clothing on, making it ideal for those who may feel uncomfortable with full-body massage.

Who does this massage?
Erin Elliott, one of our Senior Massage Therapists, has been certified in this new technique. 

What are my options if I want to try it?
You can enjoy a 30-minute Indian Head Massage ($45) while you are seated and fully-clothed. Or, you may choose a 60-minute massage combo treatment ($80) in which half is regular body massage and the other half is an Indian Head Massage.

Are there any specials or promos?
During the month of November only we are offering 20% off. Limit one massage per customer, it cannot be combined with another offer, and the service must take place in November. Schedule an Indian Head Massage

Have more questions? Ask an Expert. Or, book a massage online.
Success Story: Carolyn Cooper
Every setback is a chance for a comeback!
Carolyn Cooper

On September 2nd, Carolyn broke a bone in her foot. After a trip to convenient care, she was told to wear an immobilizing walking boot for four weeks. Bummer! Many would have taken the opportunity to stop activity and take a "break" from exercising; but not Carolyn! 

She got clearance from her doctor and didn't miss a single personal training session! She still came twice a week, and her trainer, Jami Taylor, altered her program during this healing period, focusing on upper body and core exercises as well as stretching. As Carolyn became able to bear more weight in the boot, adjustments were made to allow more variety in the workouts. 
Carolyn is a great example of perseverance and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Of course, there are circumstances when continuing exercise it not in one's best interest.

But each day we see exemplary people at Mettler making good choices for improving their quality of life and not giving up when things get tough. We encourage you to keep up the good work!

Know of other success stories? Please share here!
Offer expires: 11/30/16 
20% off
Heated Bamboo & Indian Head Massage
Limit one. Not valid with other offers. Must occur in November.
Upcoming Events 
11/6   Hot Yoga
11/6   Mindful Meditation
11/7   Balance & Vestibular 
11/8   Advanced Balance 
11/10 Warm Gentle Yoga
11/16 Illini Hearing Screening
11/24 Thanksgiving
11/25 Mettler Pillow Sale

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Thanksgiving Hours
Wednesday, 11/23
Closing early at 7pm 
Last class is 2pm Zumba for Seniors

Thursday, 11/24
Closed Thanksgiving Day

Friday, 11/25
Opening at 7am
First Class is 8:10am Strength
Now Offering
Private Pilates
Private Pilates Lessons for beginners all the way to advanced students are being offered by Emily Sawlaw and Molly Morrison.

Also, we've added three new instructors to Private Yoga LessonsMegan Ehlers, Alisa Zhou and Emily Sawlaw.

Balance & Vestibular
Improve your balance through our balance programs.

Balance & Vestibular
M/W, 3-4pm
Nov 7 - Dec 19
$90 Member, $105 Guest

Advanced Balance
Tu/Th, 11:30am-12:30 pm
Nov 8 - Dec 20
$60 Member, $70 Guest
Mindful Meditation 
This beginner-friendly course gives you the tools for mindfulness including breathing sequences, visualization, body scan practices, and concentration techniques. Each class ends with a time of guided meditation and reflection.

Sundays, 4-5pm
Nov 6 - Dec 11
Instructor: Kristina Reese
NEW Hot Yoga Session 
Stay warm this fall as you stretch, strengthen, and tone in our 95 degree heated studio. Practicing flow yoga in a heated studio amplifies the health benefits yoga offers, including deeper stretches and injury prevention, while reducing stress and tension. Towels will be provided. Please bring water bottles.

Sundays, 6:30-7:30pm
Nov 6 - Dec 11
Instructor: Kristina Reese
$60 Member, $70 Guest
Warm Gentle Yoga 
Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of candlelight yoga in a 75-80 degree room. A soothing blend of gentle and slow stretches with some restorative work will help melt away the tension and feelings of stress and anxiety. A great way to end your day while increasing calmness and peace into you evening. Great for all ages!

Thursdays, 7-8pm
Nov 10 - Dec 19 
Instructor: Emily Sawlaw
$60 Member, $70 Guest
Welcome Robyn
We are super excited to have Robyn Rawlings, PTA join our Physical Therapy Team! Robyn brings with her over 13 years experience in physical therapy!
Mettler Pillow Sale
Don't miss our annual Doctor M. Pillow Sale, extended from November 20-26th. Learn more at
Community Spotlight:
Urbana Turkey Trot 
Want something active to do on Thanksgiving? Start a new tradition by taking part in the 2016 Turkey Trot, a free, 1-mile walk/run on Thanksgiving morning at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana.
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