The Mettler Release
    Thank You for Pedaling for a Purpose!

Last month over the Labor Day weekend, Lisa and I were able to appear on the local airing of the Jerry Lewis Telethon to present a check for more than $4,800 to aid in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy and other neurological diseases. This money was raised in August from our "Pedal for a Purpose" cyclethon.

We want to extend a huge thank you to all of our generous members who pledged to cycle, bought a wheel, or donated to this great cause. With your help, this first-time event exceeded our expectations. 

I know many of you got to meet our special friend for the event, Christopher Atkins, a 10-year-old boy from Danville with Muscular Dystrophy. Lisa and I met him and his family at the telethon, and it made it all the more meaningful that the money our members raised helps local families.  

We hope to make this an annual event and know with your help it will continue to be successful.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Celebrate Massage Therapy at Mettler!
    Celebrate Massage Therapy at Mettler!
Massage Therapy Awareness Week starts October 25th!

Join us at Mettler for a week of free and informative classes in celebration of this ever-growing field. We're also raffling away a chance to win a free massage daily!

Most people don't realize that massage is beneficial for the post-cancer treatment patient, which corresponds with this month's dedication to breast cancer awareness.

Those who have had cancer can use massage not only to relax, but also to improve all the changes the soft tissue goes through during radiation treatments. During these treatments, the skin gets "burned" by radiation causing painful tightening and scar tissue formation. Patients also report decreased range of motion and shallow breathing from tightness around the ribcage, and massage can assist by loosening this tissue.

If lymph nodes are removed during cancer treatment, lymph fluid can pool in the arm and hand, causing lymphedema. Light massage strokes can get that fluid moving, relieving much of the pain.

Massage consultations are available by calling Member services. Also, stay tuned for more information about Sinus Relief Massage, our newest massage treatment! This massage incorporates hot/cold therapy, eucalyptus oil, and sinus-specific work to the head, neck, face, and shoulders.
    Follow the Rules to Enjoy the Gym!
Each fall more people join gyms, which are unique communities with their own rules and regulations. At Mettler, we strive to provide a healthy, fun workout environment for everyone. However, even our veterans need a reminder to dressand actappropriately in the gym. By following these rules, all members will be able to enjoy their workouts. 
Select appropriate clothes. You'll need close-toed shoes to run, lift, and participate in classes. Make sure you wear comfortable shorts or pants.
Pay attention to smells. Clean shirts cut down on smells, but in a pinch, fabric freshener works. We also provide deodorant in the locker rooms in case you've forgotten yours. If you're hitting the treadmill before a class, you might want to towel off and change shirts, too. Also, limit strong-smelling perfumes/colognes.
Practice mobile manners. Please do not bring your cell phone on to the fitness floor but leave it behind in your locker on vibrate. And remember that members who are getting dressed may not care to listen to your latest ringtone.
Turn down the sound. You might love running to oldies, but your neighbor would rather watch TV. 
Be aware of surroundings. If someone is working on a mat, give them room to complete their stretches. If you're filling up a water bottle, let those waiting for a drink cut in line. Make sure others are done with weights before taking them.
Rotate with other members. Waiting for a machine can be annoying. If you're resting between sets, let others switch in. They'll return the favor when you need a certain machine later.
Leave equipment in the area you found it. Our free weights are placed near mirrors so you don't have to move them. Please use them only in the weight area and return them to their racks when you're done.
Wipe off machines when you're done using them. Spray bottles and cloth towels are provided so you can wipe down your equipment after using it. You'll limit the spread of germs, too.
Lift weights that you're comfortable with. Weights that are too heavy can slam loudly, interrupting those around you. By staying within your comfort zone, weights are less likely to slip and crash.
We know you're working hard to achieve Whole Life Fitness. By following these simple, common courtesy rules, all of our members can have the best experience possible.
Offer Expires: 11/30/09
Day Pass
Free Guest Pass for a family member or friend.
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. These crunchy fruits protect bones, prevent
Alzheimer's, and lower cholesterol.
Upcoming Events
10/5-10  MA Open House
10/7       Pre-Season 
10/7       Influenza 101
10/8       Taste of Autumn
10/12     Columbus Day
10/12     Grocery Store Tour
10/12     Pilates Fundamentals
10/13     Jr. High Volleyball
10/19     Mel's Group
10/21     Everyday Cooking
10/21     How to Improve your
              Golf Game
10/22     Beat Shoulder Pain
10/24     Kids Cook
10/26     All About Massage
10/27     An Inside Look at
              Hot Stone Massage
10/28     Therapy Talk
10/29     Is Facelift Massage
              For You?
10/31     Halloween 

View our online calendars for the most current information.
Mettler Athletic
Open House
Are you looking for a new gym? Try Mettler Athletic during our Open House.

From October 5th-10th anyone can work out at the facility and enjoy adult fitness classes free of charge.
We're also offering some great incentives for our new members. Anyone who joins during the open house will receive $100 Mettler Athletic Dollars (MAD Money).

Apply your MAD Money to our joining fee, monthly dues, training packages, or numerous other services.
Current members who refer a new member will receive $50 MAD Money.
Both members and visitors will have chances to win great prizes, including Illini football tickets and a three-month membership.

End the week by joining us before Illinois' homecoming game for a tailgate with food and beverages.
For more information contact Mettler Athletic's member services at (217) 398-9800 or visit
Build Teamwork By Cooking
Build Teamwork
By Cooking
Stop looking for creative team-building retreats. Mettler Center's Cooking School brings together co-workers, staff, and managers.

Whether you're celebrating a special achievement or developing communication, you'll enjoy delicious food in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.
Team members learn essential culinary techniques and master new recipes while strengthening relationships.

Workshops are customized to meet your objectives and schedule. Classes are available as demonstrations, hands-on, or combined format and range from topical to full meal preparation.
For more information or to book a team-building cooking class, contact Mary Knight, Mettler University Coordinator.
Did You Know?
...Mettler Athletic's Jr. High Volleyball Program is starting October 13th. Athletes will train with an instructor twice a week learning all aspects of the sport. Contact Member services for details!

...several massage therapists will be available at our Taste of Autumn to answer questions about massage. The event, which includes drinks and appetizers, is October 8th from 5-7pm at the Mettler Center. Friends are welcome!

...Mettler Athletic is hosting a tailgate this Saturday to wrap up their Open House. The tailgate begins at 8:30am in the MA parking lot. Food and beverages are free.