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    Change Your Habits This Fall at Mettler

Fall is a wonderful time to rededicate yourself to Whole Life Fitness. Aside from choosing delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, our cooking classes will help you make festive, healthy meals that taste great.

With cooler temps, you'll be able to spend more time exercising outdoors. You may choose to go for long runs, ride bikes or play football with friends. Our group exercise classes and personal training are perfect compliments to these activities.

After summer travels and back-to-school stress, it's important to take time to relax and refocus. That's why were celebrating Massage Therapy Week, October 25th-30th. Throughout the week, our therapists will be giving massage demonstrations as well as chair massages.

At Mettler Center and Mettler Athletic, we're determined to help your whole family live healthier by bringing you tips to eat better, incorportate exercise in fun ways and become more calm.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Runners Don't Have to Suffer Through Pain
   Runners Don't Have to Suffer Through Pain
Runners feet come in all different shapes and size, which is why they often hurt when runners workout too often. Physical therapists can provide a detailed analysis of feet and running style to help athletes prevent and treat injuries.

Flat feet can have too much mobility or not enough support, which causes pain in the ankles, knee, or arch of the foot near the heel.

Feet with high arches don't absorb the force from running. The poor shock absorption leads to pain in the runners' arch and heels. If left uncorrected, this can lead to pain in the low back, knees, or hips.

Proper shoes are important to keep feet healthy. Runners who have stiff feet with high arches need more cushion in their shoes, while those who have highly flexible feet require stiffer shoes with more support. Those with severe problems may need to have special shoe inserts made to support their feet.

Still, runners don't have to live with foot pain. By gradually increasing time or mileage, runners can remain pain free. Choosing a soft running surface like a park will also prevent pain. Those who feel pain should treat it immediately with ice or rest.

Our physical therapists are certified to help runners become pain free by analyzing runners' current injuries, their running style and their training programs.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our physical therapists, contact Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic.
    Get Your Bike Fitted Correctly at Mettler 
October is a great time to head out for a bike ride. Whether you're logging a lot of miles or biking to a pinic, having a proper-fitting bike is important to keeping riders pain and injury free. That's why the Mettler Center is hosting a one-hour bike clinic hosted with
by Karen Partlow, owner of CrowDawg Bike Fitters and professional bike fitter, on October 17th.

Attendees will learn the importance of a well-fitting bike, the components of a professional bike fit, and five key measurements of a bike fit. Each person will also have an opportunity to measure his or her inseam, calculate his or her seat tube length and saddle height, which are all key measurement for sizing bikes.

This workshop is opened to members and non-members. Families receive discounts. Space is limited. Please call Mettler Center for more information or to register for this unique opportunity.
    Try Our New Group Fitness Classes  
This October, we're offering two new classes. ZumbaŽ incorporates Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program. Those who participate in ZumbaŽ achieve long-term benefits through a high-intensity class.

To kick off our class, which starts Tuesday, October 26th, we will host two free demonstrations on Tuesday, October 12th at 9:15am and on October 14th at 5:30pm. Both will be open to the public.

Mettler Center will also host its first PiYo class on Monday, October 11th at 6:30pm. PiYo, which is includes strength training and core conditioning for those who want to sweat their way to sculpted abs.

A combination of Pilates and yoga, PiYo burns calories while transforming the body. It will help all participants gain stability and flexibility. If you're not a yogi or regular Pilates practitioner, don't worry. The class includes enought modifications so that people of all abilities can participate.

Please call Mettler Center for more information. If you're unsure of whether this class is for you, contact Joy Sheehan, Mettler Center manager and group fitness coordinator.
Offer expires: 11/30/10
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Receive 20% off your first Thai massage.
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Fruit juice and whole fruits are not the same. Fruit juices are a concentrated source of sugar, and don't have the same nutrients of whole fruits. More nutrition...
Upcoming Events
10/9       Abs & Stretch
10/9       Kids Cook
10/11     Pilates Fundamentals
10/11     PiYo
10/12     Grocery Store Tour
10/12     Jr. High Pre-Season
10/12     Zumba Demo
10/14     Zumba Demo
10/16     Yoga Fundamentals
10/17     Bike Fitters Clinic
10/20     Get in the Zone
10/25     Massage Therapy
              Week Starts
10/25     Chair Massage
10/25     MA Open House
10/26     Reflexology Demo
10/26     Zumba
10/27     Chair Massage
10/27     Thai Massage Demo
10/28     Chair Massage
10/28     Everyday Cooking
10/29     Chair Massage
10/30     Bones, Brains &
11/2       MEL's Group

View our online calendars for the most current information.
Massage Therapy
National Massage Therapy Awaress Week, held October 25th-30th, helps increase public awareness of the benefits of massage. 

At Mettler Center, we're celebrating that week by offering free chair massages on Monday, October 25th at 7:30am; Wednesday, October 27th at 12pm; Thursday, October 28th at 9am; and Friday, October 29th at 8am.

We will also offer reflexology demonstrations on Tuesday, October 26th, at 8:30am and a free Thai massage class with demonstrations Wednesday, October 27th, at 11am.

Massage has been proven effective for chronic pain relief, promoting relaxation, and alleviating anxiety. It can also reduce headaches and lessens pain and muscle spasms. In addition, massage has been shown to improve confidence.

For more information about Massage Therapy Awareness week, please contact the Mettler Center. Massages can be arranged through Member Services.
Join Us for Everyday Cooking
Join Us For
Everyday Cooking
This month, we're pleased to feature two Everyday Cooking classes:

When juggling daily activities, dinner planning is often the last thing on our minds. We have a solution...Freezer Friendly Meals! When you learn
to prep in advance and freeze, a home-cooked meal is always just an oven away.

Join Gregg Rose, dentist, group fitness instructor, and seasoned home brewer for Oktoberfest and the Art of Beer Making. Along with beer tasting, you'll enjoy Oktoberfest food that is delicious and low-fat.

Contact Member Services to learn more.
MEL's Group Is Starting Again
MEL'S Group, which focuses on getting healthy through improving eating habits with a registered dietitian's help starts November 2nd.

Group members learn about what's new in nutrition, share recipes, try new foods, challenge their nutrition knowledge and offer each other weight loss support.

Each class is $12 or you may use your punch card. Contact Member Service to learn more.
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