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Choose Physical Therapy to Address Pain

We always take time each October to celebrate National Physical Therapy month. It is important for everyone to know Mettler Center offers outpatient physical therapy. This service is at the core of all we do, and is how Mettler Center got it its start. 

Over the last several years, healthcare has become more complex and we thank all our patients for entrusting us with your care. Our results speak for themselves since word of mouth is our primary referral source. Satisfied patients sharing their positive experience with Mettler Center Physical Therapy is the best thank you we can receive!
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
5 Reasons to Choose Physical Therapy
5 Reasons to Choose Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is one of the top recommended options for pain management. In fact, the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General is urging all physicians to first consider treatment options such as physical therapy before prescribing pain medications which can lead to a range of additional health problems.

Here are five reasons why physical therapy is a great choice.
  1. Target the source of the pain - A good physical therapist does not simply treat the symptoms they problem-solve to figure out where is the pain originating. This comprehensive approach will reduce your total healthcare costs over time.

    My physical therapist diagnosed the root cause of my knee pain and with treatment was able to remedy underlying issues like hip position affecting the knee. This is something the doctor never did. -Mary Long
  2. Access to everyone - In the state of Illinois, an individual simply needs to ask for a referral for physical therapy from their doctor. It is your right as a patient to choose physical therapy and where you are treated.

    It is always a very positive experience from the time I walk through the door until I leave. -Charles Nogle
  3. Non-invasive with few side effects - Physical therapy avoids the difficulties surgical scar tissue can create and serves as a safe and effective alternative to addictive opioids for long-term pain management.

    After physical therapy, I hardly ever have to take pain medication and feel so much better. -Beverly Schwab
  4. Be equipped with tools to manage/reduce pain -Knowledge is power; so the more you understand about your condition the better you are able to make decisions and advocate for your own care. Learn stretches, strengthening exercises, and how to utilize myofascial self-release equipment such as foam rollers.

    I feel encouraged that I can be more active now but using the knowledge I have; I can be more mindful of my limits. -Karen Kane
  5. Minimal cost - Depending on your insurance plan, you may be covered at 100% or only be responsible for a small percentage of the treatment or have a co-payment for each office visit.

    The therapy expedited my healing process. -Nancy Heiser 
If you are in pain, consider seeing a Mettler Center Physical Therapist for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Or, if you have a question simply Ask and Expert

Learn more about physical therapy.
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$5 off
Balance & Vestibular Program
 One-time use only. Not valid with other offers.
Upcoming Events 
10/4   Tai Chi
10/10 Balance & Vestibular
10/11  Adv. Balance & Vestib.
10/12 Mindful Med. (Wed.)

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Balance & Vestibular
Further improve your balance through strengthening exercises of core and lower extremity to provide increased stability to your whole body while performing tasks. 

- Pre- and Post-Program test to measure leg strength

- Twice weekly vestibular and strength training with a third day of home exercises
- Prerequisite of Level 1 and instructor approval required

Take the next step toward improving your balance and sign up today! 

Tu/Th, 11:30am-12:30 pm
Oct 11 - Nov 17
Cost: $60 Member, $70 Guest
Mindful Meditation 
This beginner-friendly course gives you the tools for mindfulness including breathing sequences, visualization, body scan practices, and concentration techniques. Each class ends with a time of guided meditation and reflection.

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Oct 12 - Nov 16
Instructor: Kristina Reese

Sundays, 4-5pm
Nov 6 - Dec 11
Instructor: Kristina Reese
Hot Yoga 
Stay warm this fall as you stretch, strengthen, and tone in our 95 degree heated studio. Practicing flow yoga in a heated studio amplifies the health benefits yoga offers, including deeper stretches and injury prevention, while reducing stress and tension. Towels will be provided. Please bring water bottles.

Sundays, 6:30-7:30pm
Nov 6 - Dec 11
Instructor: Kristina Reese
$60 Member, $70 Guest
Warm Gentle Yoga 
Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of candlelight yoga in a 75-80 degree room. A soothing blend of gentle and slow stretches with some restorative work will help melt away the tension and feelings of stress and anxiety. A great way to end your day while increasing calmness and peace into you evening. Great for all ages!

Thursdays, 7-8pm
Nov 10 - Dec 19 
Instructor: Emily Sawlaw
$60 Member, $70 Guest
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Harvest Market 
Harvest Market, a new Niemann Foods concept supermarket located at 2029 S. Neil St in Champaign, is having their Grand Opening Thursday, October 6th at 11am. Learn more at or visit the Harvest Market Facebook page.
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