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October is Physical Therapy Month and we are looking forward to a month-long celebration! Over the past year, we've had the privilege of adding three additional physical therapists to our team. We are extremely pleased with the growth and the results our entire therapy team has been able to accomplish in 2014.

Our goal has always been to transform the lives of the people we serve. Here at Mettler, there is an understanding that each person who comes through our door has 
unique needs and potential limitations or health challenges we need to be mindful of. There are also unanticipated injuries for which we all will inevitably face.


However, with every setback is a chance for a comeback. From the routine sprain to the most complex cases, our physical therapy team is ready to help with your recovery.

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT

Join Us During Physical Therapy Month 

October is National Physical Therapy Month when we will be showcasing our profession, but particularly our excellent physical therapy staff! We will be highlighting them as a resource to you and for you to utilize. We will have several activities this month.

The first is that a physical therapist will be participating in each Tasty Tuesday talk throughout the month. They will showcase their expertise in different topics pertaining to musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Secondly, they will be visiting various group fitness classes to focus on prevention of injuries and proper posture and form. Look for our "Therapist in Studio" schedule in the right column.

Lastly, we will offer free pain assessments, as our therapists will offer and guide you towards your next steps in proper care for your pain.

We look forward to serving our members through these events and hope that you will be able to achieve whole life fitness through physical therapy! Learn more at our blog.

Mettler's Biggest Fan: Barbara Tuck
Mettler's Biggest Fan: Barbara Tuck

Barbara Tuck is quite possibly the biggest fan of Mettler Center physical and massage therapy. She jokingly tells Dr. Mettler, "Let me go on 20/20 and tell the world about you! But then you would be booked solid and not even have time to eat breakfast!" Barbara claims, "Mettler has kept me going for over 15 years," and has many wonderful stories to prove it. Read Barbara's own words of how Physical Therapy brought more relief to ongoing pain than she could have ever dreamed!


While on chemo for the breast cancer I hurt my back while exercising. The pain was so severe that I was hospitalized for two weeks, knocked out on Valium. I continued to have moderate, intermittent lower back pain for the next ten years.


I had been going to Dr. Mettler for about two years. One day, with only 20 minutes left in my one-hour appointment, I asked him to stop working on my neck/ear/scalp area in order to check my lower back. I wondered if he could find any dermal fascial adhesions. He did! And I went home pain free - for the next 18 years! (He did work a few minutes more at my next appointment, just to be sure that he had not missed anything.) Needless to say, I was overjoyed! Another miracle of healing for me.


Dr. Mettler's work on my back, shoulders, and neck, following a modified radical mastectomy, has enabled me to work in the kitchen now without pain. Now I can chop food, stir, and wash dishes for an entire meal without having to rest after the effort.


I have been able to maintain the progress I made in physical therapy because of Jami and Jason's amazing work with Mettler deep tissue massage therapy. They enable me to continue doing what I enjoy! The Mettler Center is an amazing place with incredible people!

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FREE Assessment

FREE Pain Assessment with a Physical Therapist.
Redeem at physical therapy desk.
Upcoming Events 
10/2   Foodie Forum
10/21 Happy Feet

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Tasty Tuesdays

Refresh your mind before getting your sweat on! Attend Tasty Tuesdays at 9 a.m. and learn something health and wellness related that your future self will thank you for!


Oct. 7 - Caring for Your Back

Peggy Hau, PT, MSc PT

Learn simple anatomy, proper posture, and spinal mechanics to prevent future injuries.


Oct. 14 - Why Can't I Reach That Anymore?

Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT

Learn about the most mobile, yet unstable, joint and why the shoulder is limiting you.


Oct. 21 - Happy Feet: Help for Plantar Fasciitis

Lauren Brehmer, PT, DPT

Learn symptoms, causes, and treatments to relieve this pesky, painful foot condition.


Oct. 28 - Pain On the Brain

Paige Raab, PT, DPT

Learn about chronic pain, it's physical and psychological impact, and ways to treat it. 

Foodie Forum

Join us the first Thursday of every month for Foodie Forum to discuss best practices in nutrition, meal planning, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 2nd. 

Physical Therapist
in the Studio

Throughout the month, therapists will visit various classes to bring awareness to key safety issues specific to each class. Below are the classes a therapist will visit.


Monday, October 13

Zumba for Seniors, 2:30pm


Tuesday, October 14

Flex & Flow, 12:10pm


Wednesday, October 15 Complete Mix, 5:45am

Pilates, 9:50am

Full of Life, 10:35am

Fusion, 12:10pm

Strength Coach, 5:30pm


Thursday, October 16

Strength Coach, 5:45am

Chair Yoga, 9:30am

PACE, 10:35am

Gentle Yoga, 3pm


Friday, October 17

Strength Coach, 7:30am

Laura & Erin

Mettler Center is excited to welcome two more additions to our outstanding therapy team.

Laura Chiaramonte (AmSAT Certified Alexander Teacher) has been a student of the Alexander Technique for the past 10 years and completed her training in 2013. Laura received a BFA in Modern Dance Performance from The Ohio State University and MFA in Dance from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Erin Elliot, LMT, NCTMB, is a licensed massage therapist and is certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Cupping and Pregnancy Massage, Four Hands and Couples Massage. She graduated from Parkland College in 2012.


Introducing an option to make training affordable to more people, while still being an incredibly effective way to reach your goals. 


Training2 - Train with a partner for added support. Training may include cardio, strength, and flexibility. Purchased as one, five or 10, 45-minute sessions.


Training XT! - Train with 3-8 others in a progressive program designed specifically for you. Purchased as a series of eight, one-hour sessions.


To learn more, Ask an Expert.

Yoga Fundamentals

Learn the basics through one of our Yoga Fundamentals classes this fall and discover how yoga can benefit you.

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