The Mettler Release
Thank You for 15 Great Years!

Fifteen years ago, when we opened our doors, we were thrilled to be able to provide the Champaign-Urbana community with the opportunity to experience whole life fitness.

This month, we are not only celebrating our 15 year anniversary, but also our growth. We have grown from a staff of 10 to over 80. As our membership has grown over the years, we've added programs and services to meet the needs of our membership, wellness, and therapy services.

Today, we're still growing. On September 6th, Mettler Institute, a physical therapy clinic that features some of our best physical therapists, will open in downtown Chicago. By bringing the Mettler Release Technique™ (MRT®) to Chicago, we have the opportunity to be leaders in physical therapy clinical practice, research, and education. But, we haven't forgotten about our community in Champaign. We're opening Studio C this month, which will be able to accommodate more than 10 additional Pilates and yoga classes each week.

Thank you for being part of our growth over the years. We're excited to help you dedicate yourself to whole life fitness for the next 15.

Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
A Look Back on 15 Years at Mettler Center
A Look Back on 15 Years at Mettler Center
We've loved getting to know each and every member that we've had over the last 15 years at the Mettler Center. 

Now, we'd like to invite you to meet some members who have been with us from the beginning. In January 1995, Richard King began working out at Mettler Center's State Street location as our very first member. Since then, he's stayed with us because of the people he's met and the wonderful culture that has been established at the facility.

"The people are friendly, helpful, and inspiring," Richard said. "It feels like family when I am here!"

Rita Blockman, a member at Mettler Center since 2004, is committed to the instructors, who she feels are "the best in the field." She also loves the feeling that she gets from her yoga and Pilates classes.

"I feel more fit at 62 than I did at 40!," Blockman said. "The instructors at the Mettler Center are the best in their field."  

Sarah Rouse, a Mettler Center member since 1997, has used the Mettler Center to ease her transitions through motherhood, cope with her father's Parkinson's, and keep her focused on her daily activities. 

"Exercise is a part of my day; I am here four or five times a week," Rouse said. "It is the one constant, and I've made it a lifetime habit."

Whether you're a new Mettler member or have been with our organization for a while, we hope that in 15 years, you'll have your own story to tell about your Mettler Center memories. 
Manage Your Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain

Whether it's the changing weather or just the amount of work you've been doing to prepare your house for the fall, there's a chance that your shoulders, neck, and back have been more sore than usual lately. That's why we're offering a class on managing your shoulder, neck, and back pain this month.


During the class, you'lll learn the causes of neck, shoulder, and back pain - like sitting the wrong way at your computer or lifting your children the wrong way. We'll also teach you ways to improve the condition through rest, heat or ice, stretching, and other home remedies that you can use on a daily basis.


We'll teach you how to stretch correctly. You'll also learn corrective exercises that you'll be able to incorporate in your daily or weekly exercise routine. You'll also learn which workout techniques you enjoy that can be modified to keep you from getting injured in the future. Using this workshop, you'll be able to come back stronger.


This one-time class is Sept. 27th at 10:30p. Limited space available.

Offer expires: 09/30/12
Present this coupon for a 30-minute consultation with a Dietitian. 
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Get Your T-Shirt!
In honor of celebrating 15 years of service, the Mettler is excited to announce that we will be distributing free t-shirts to members at the front desk starting on September 17th.

Be there early to make sure you get a shirt! We'd hate for you to miss this opportunity!

For more information contact member services. 
Studio C to Open
As you know, we've been working hard to renovate our kitchen into a studio to accommodate our classes. 

Now, we're ready to unveil Studio C! The studio will mainly be used for Yoga and Pilates classes and Mettler University education.

But, please feel free to use the space for stretching or cool down-type of activities if the room is open.

Starting September 10th, the new group fitness schedule will go into effect with more than 10 new classes - many which will be held in Studio C!

For more information contact member services.
Mettler Institute to Open in Chicago
Mettler Institute to Open in Chicago 

The Mettler Center is happy to announce the opening of Mettler Institute in downtown Chicago on September 6th. 


Staffed by many of the same therapists who have worked at Mettler Center and Mettler Athletic, we're dedicated to helping Chicago's citizens recover from injury, gain mobility, and more. 


With this move, we will also be able to show those in the Chicagoland area how the Mettler Release Technique (MRT) can help those who've been injured get back to the activities of daily living sooner.


All major insurances are accepted. We look forward to meeting our new patients.


For more information on the Mettler Institute, please check out the website.
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