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This month we are celebrating our members who are always inspiring us with their determination to live healthy lives. Read below about two avid cyclists and regular cycling class attendees and be inspired.


As a way to show appreciation to our members, we are offering $5 club bucks as our giveaway this month! We hope you enjoy every investment you make here at Mettler Center.


During this time of transition into the fall schedule, we are launching several new programs. We invite you to explore them with family and friends. Finally, look out for more inspiration as we recognize National Physical Therapy Month, our patients, and the impact Mettler therapy makes in transforming lives.

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT

Master of Focus: Dennis Hinton

This 65 year old Sales Executive of Nike recently retired in March, but he is not slowing down. In fact, his motto is, "Die young, as late as possible!" One way Dennis stays so young at heart and maintains his motivation is through special races which give him a focus.

On July 12, he participated in a one day, one way, 160 mile bike ride across Indiana. He completed that race in 9 hours and 9 minutes while averaging 18 mph. Then, a week later on July 20th, he participated in a tremendous event called RAGBRAI. This annual tour through Iowa has over 15,000 cyclists from around the world!

Dennis was an avid runner, but in February of 2013 he took up cycling as an alternative to cope with plantar fasciitis. He eventually grew to love cycling and cut back on the running. He lives only a mile and a half from Mettler Center and regularly attends cycle classes at Mettler and says, "I have good friends I enjoy working out with!"

Looking to the future, Dennis is training for Indiana's Hilly Hundred Bike Tour in October where he will ride 57 miles Saturday and then an additional 43 on Sunday! "Cycling for me is hard, but easy on the joints, and I recover fairly quickly."

Way to go Dennis! Keep up the excellent work and proving the best years are yet to come!

Don Roberts: 'It's Never Too Late To Start'

"You're never too old to do something, and it's never too late to start!" These very wise words come from Don Roberts, age 83, a beloved SilverSneaker member at Mettler Center, who joined in March of 2014.

Don, a former Professor of Statistics, taught at the University of Illinois for 42 years. After retiring, he ramped-up his activity with the extra time on his hands! He loves reading, traveling, doing yard work and he jokingly says, "my wife makes sure I have something to do."


Don is a faithful attendee of cycling and strength group exercise classes here at Mettler Center, but his love for cycling goes beyond the cycling studio. Most recently, Don completed his sixth week-long 280 mile bike ride called "Pedal Across Wisconsin." He was encouraged by his friends, who told him he, "seemed stronger this year than last year!"


When asked how he stays so active and healthy, he attributes a lot to "good genetics" and expresses his inspiration is his son Spencer, who is a world-class cyclist! "He keeps me going," states Don and say his son will always tell him, "Dad, you can do it!" And Don has done it--including four rides in Europe through France, Italy, Austria, and Germany, which is something he always wanted to do!

Don's advice for others: "It is important to do the things you like, as much as you can, while you can!" He takes his own advice and is gearing up for another ride in September in Door County, Wisconsin.

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In appreciation of our members...
$5 Club Bucks
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Upcoming Events 
9/2    Bone Loss
9/9    Rehab Fitness

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Yoga Fundamentals

Learn the basics through one of our Yoga Fundamentals classes this fall and discover how yoga can benefit you.

Hot Yoga is HERE!

Our Fall Hot Yoga session begins Sunday, September 7th. Classes will be offered Sunday and Monday evening.

Tasty Tuesdays

Refresh your mind before getting your sweat on! Attend Tasty Tuesdays at 9 a.m. and learn something health and wellness related that your future self will thank you for!


Sept.  2 - Bone Loss & The Aging Adult with Eddie Edwards, Personal Trainer


Nearly half of all women over 50 will have a fracture of the hip, wrist, or vertebra in their lifetime. Learn causes of bone loss and how you can help.


Sept. 9 - Discovering Rehab Fitness with Garrett Arndt, Personal Trainer


Learn why Rehab Fitness may be the missing link to your success during a Functional Assessment demo!

Sept. 16 - Reducing Injury Severity By Stretching with Matthew Gordon, Physical Therapist


Did you know stretching can prevent or reduce the severity of injuries? Discover which muscles are important to stretch and how to safely.

Sept. 23 - Chair Yoga Demo with Kristin McCoy, Group Exercise Instructor


Chair Yoga is an excellent way to incorporate stretching into your workout routine. Try it out and see why it is one of our most popular classes. 


Sept. 30 - Massage Demo: Hot Stone with Jami Taylor, Massage Coordinator


Learn more about this relaxing and pampering treatment and be the first to hear about our exclusive offers! 

New Therapist Matthew Gordon
New Therapist
Matthew Gordon

Mettler Center is excited to welcome Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT as the newest addition to the physical therapy team.


An Urbana native, Matthew completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Foodie Forum

Join us the first Thursday of every month for Foodie Forum to discuss best practices in nutrition, meal planning, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 4th.

Coming in October

Physical Therapy Month

Personal Training XT!

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