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September is Self-Improvement Month, and it's time to start making changes that will be of long-term benefit. Whether those changes force you to confront a fear, learn something new, or push you outside your comfort zone, Mettler's staff is here to help.

Broaden your horizons by enrolling in a new class. Whether that's a community college class or our cooking course, you'll leave with new skills. Doubt you're flexible or calm enough to enjoy yoga or Pilates? Don't. Use our new group fitness schedule to find classes that fit your needs and instructors who care about your success.

Improving your life doesn't have to be hard. It might be challenging or discouraging at times, but you deserve the best. One little change might be all it takes to alter your life.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Tips for Terrific (and Healthy) Tailgating
Tips for Terrific (and Healthy) Tailgating
With fall just around the corner, loyal football fans begin to prepare their tailgating feasts. But do you know how many calories you consume in an average tailgating event? It is easy to get wrapped up in the food, fun, and fat! Nutritionally speaking, a tailgate feast can throw your good eating habits off course.

Your typical tailgating menu consists of: burgers, brats, potato salad, potato chips, baked beans, cookies, and brownies. Oh, and we can't forget the four beers, which the average person consumes. With all of these piled on one plate, that's approximately 1,825 calories or a half of a pound of fat.

Melissa Smith, RD, manages to keep her calories down while rooting for her favorite team by filling her plate with mini turkey sliders, Illini potato salad, orange and blue salad, and fruit pizza cookies. Pair this up with four light beers and you're taking in only 770 calories 1055 calories less than the original!

By lightening up each dish using great tasting but low-fat substitutes, you can maintain the quality of food without sacrificing taste. Blueberries, mandarin oranges, spinach, and red onion scream superfoods! These foods provide powerful disease fighting anti-aging compounds.

At your next tailgating event think of your team's colors and show your school spirit in your new and improved healthy tailgating menu.
How to Not Dread Homework this Year

As students go back to school, there's no need to struggle with homework. Occupational therapists can help alleviate the stress parents, teachers, and students experience this year. To help students succeed parents should:
  1. Provide a consistent environment to do homework in.
  2. Encourage your child to sit with her back against the backrest. Use pillows or adjustable office furniture to achieve proper posture. 
  3. Supply slanted work surfaces to promote good posture when reading or writing.  
  4. Have children complete hand and arm warm-up exercises such as pushing palms together or stretching before beginning homework.
  5. Follow the "20/20" Rule. Take a rest every 20 minutes, stop for 20 seconds, and look at least 20 feet away from your computer monitor.
  6. Suggest that children work in a comfortable position and change their posture often.
Try Homeschool PE to Balance Your Year

Looking for a safe and creative venue for PE classes?

Homeschool PE mixes games, stretching, and nutrition education to combine exercise and fun. This structured, non-competitive progam is led by Andy Derks, a state-certified Physical Education teacher. Homeschool PE incorporates cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training into fun fitness education units.

Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from September through December. Call Mettler Athletic (217) 398-9800 for more information.

Offer Expires: 10/31/08
25% off
Save 25% with the purchase of an Everyday Cooking class.
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Don't go hungry. If you find yourself in situations that cause you to push back eating and become hungry prepare yourself by keep boxes of raisins, dry cereal, almonds, and other nutritious snacks handy. More nutrition...

Upcoming Events
9/4        Pilates Fundamentals
9/8        Pre-season Basketball
9/9        Jr. High Basketball
9/9        Pre-season Basketball
9/10      Everyday Cooking
9/13      Pilates Fundamentals
9/15      Self-Defense 101
9/16      Fit with Fibro
9/17      Grocery Store Tour
9/20      Kids Cook
9/21      Beginner's Baseball
9/22      Self-Defense 101
9/22      Pilates Fundamentals
9/25      Gluten-Free Cooking
9/29      Self-Defense 101
9/29      Balance and Falls
9/30      Everyday Cooking
View our online calendars for the most current information.

In the Thick of It
Ever wondered why we don't trim back some of the foliage on the east side of Mettler Center so the view can be enjoyed while exercising?

Unfortunately, all the shoreline and common areas around the building are owned by the residential Robeson Meadows Homeowners, who have complete control over those areas. Since the property was purchased with the intent of members enjoying the lake view, we too were distressed when prairie grass was being replaced with more of a landscaped look. We have contacted the Homeowners Board of Robeson Meadows and feel hopeful they will work with us on this issue.
Group Fitness

New Fall Group
Fitness Schedule

Your input is valuable to us and those of you that enjoy our group fitness classes are always offering helpful ways for us to improve and expand.

The new fall schedule starts September 8th, and we listened to you. We'll resume your favorite classes that were on hold for the summer as well as add more yoga and Pilates. Among our new offerings are Strength Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am, Pilates on Mondays at 4:30pm, and Flow Yoga on Thursdays at 9:15am.

We will resume our Cycling class Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm, and Kickboxing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30pm.

We have classes for every fitness level and age for both men and women. Whether you want to improve cardio fitness, flexibility, strength, or overall health, group fitness remains a wonderful way to mix up your workout routine, make friends, and most importantly  have fun  while exercising. So pick up the new schedule, and we'll see you in class!
Giving You Our Best

Mettler would like to recognize its outstanding staff with our "Department of the Month." This month honors support staff at Mettler Athletic and Mettler Center who help your club run smoothly through behind-the-scenes work. Stay tuned for next month's featured department.