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Challenge Yourself with a New Activity!

September is self-improvement month! It's a time for us to celebrate not only how truly unique we are, but to also recognize that we have some shortcomings. 

At Mettler Center and Mettler Athletic, we strive to help you bring out your best self through our dedication to Whole Life Fitness. Our team is here to help you reach your personal goalswhatever they might be.

Do you want to challenge yourself? Try a group fitness class. Not only do we have great instructors, but we also have advice for newcomers that will help you feel right at home.
If you're ready to become healthier, we're here to teach you, encourage you, and guide you every step of the way!
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Follow the Rules to Enjoy Group Fitness!
    Follow the Rules to Enjoy Group Fitness!
If you've never attended a group fitness class, they can be intimidating. You picture women executing perfectly choreographed routines or stretching like graceful dancers. Yoga, with its pretzel-like moves, involves its own language. You might ask yourself, "What's a downward dog or a child's pose?"

Relax. Group fitness classes are a fun, easy way to mix up your workout. Your inspiring, motivating instructor will encourage you, and the people you meet will all be workinglike youto achieve whole life fitness. Calm any remaining nerves by following our easy-to-remember etiquette rules.

Be early. Before class your instructor can help you adjust equipment, like cycling bikes, without wasting others' class time.

Fill your instructor in. Let your instructor know if you're injured or pregnant. He or she can modify routines accordingly.

Wear appropriate clothing, including shoes. It'll be easier to complete the routine without risking injury.

Bring a spill-proof, unbreakable water bottle. You won't have to leave the studio for water breaks!

Follow the instructor's directions. Our teachers tailor their routines for each class. There's a good chance if you didn't do a favorite move or work a certain muscle group as much as you'd like, it was completed last time or will be a focus next time.

Keep personal belongings, including cell phones, in the locker room. You won't even need a lock, and our studios can't accommodate everyone's bags.

Return any equipment you use so the next group can find it. Make sure you stack items correctly, too. Steps can topple, mats can slide, and weights might fall.

Take a deep breath. Everyone in the class knows what it's like to be new. Besides, once class starts, your classmates are too busy worrying about what they're doing to pay attention to the "huge mistake" you're dwelling on.

Are you ready to join a group fitness class? Joy Sheehan, Group Fitness Coordinator, can help you choose the one that's best for you. If you're already one of our regulars, we'd love to hear from you through our suggestion box.
    Coach Trains with Basketball's Best
Josh Clark, a Monticello native and Mettler Athletic basketball coach, finished a summer internship at ATTACK Athletics in Chicago. The facility has a reputation for training the NBA's best including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Kobe Bryant.

Under the guidance of owner & CEO Tim Grover and Mike Procopio, Director of Basketball, Josh trained with many NBA greats, including Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, O.J. Mayo, Juwan Howard, Channing Frye, Paul Davis, and Devin Harris. Future NBA players Jordan Hill and Jonny Flynn also attended the camp.

During his internship, Josh was a trainer for the 2009 ATTACK Athletics College Skills Camp where he helped many Division I playersincluding DePaul, Northwestern, and Kansas State standoutsmove to the next level.

As a trainer, Josh focused on improving each player's existing game and helping them add new skills to their repertoire. He also participated in weight lifting sessions, which focused on each player's total fitness.

If you can't train at ATTACK, but would like to work with a top coach like Josh, consider Mettler Athletic's Pre-Season Basketball program.

The Pre-Season program, created to prepare athletes for their best season yet, begins September 14th. Athletes can work out twice or three times per week and will build strength, stamina, and muscle stability. Contact Mettler Athletic's Member services for more information.

If you'd rather have individual attention, try our skill instruction. Skill instruction combines technologies like video analysis with expert coaching. Contact Eddie Edwards for more information.
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
If you're not an orange juice fan, try Concord grape juice. It has more than twice the natural antioxidant power of orange juice. More nutrition...
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 Get the Most
From Snacks

You skipped breakfast. Now, you're starving. You could head to the vending machine or you could try these tips:

Prepare healthy snacks in advance. Toss cereal, dried fruit, pretzels, seeds, and nuts in a bag for some easy trail mix. You'll get protein from the nuts and seeds to keep you fuller longer.

Stock up on staples.
Wash and cut vegetables as soon as you buy them. Keep fruit in your office or car. Produce is fat-free and full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients.

Substitute with healthier options. Try a hot chocolate instead of a candy bar or eat non-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Jazz-up old favorites. If you're craving popcorn, help yourself to a mini-bag. Top popcorn with Parmesan, cinnamon and sugar, or dry taco-seasoning mix for a twist.

Choose pre-packaged dairy products. Yogurt and string cheese are easy to keep in a work fridge. You'll get calcium and protein; but some products can be high in fat or added sugar, so read the labels carefully.
Meet Rosina Orr, Our New LMT
 Meet Rosina Orr,
Our New LMT
Rosina Orr, LMT, NCTMB, ACMT, is the newest member of the Mettler Center massage therapy staff. Rosina attended The New School for Massage, Bodywork and Healing in Chicago and worked in the suburbs before moving to central Illinois.
Rosina enjoys massage because it allows her to make a direct and positive difference in each of her clients' lives. During each massage, she strives to provide her clients with higher body awareness and immediate relief. Regular clients can also see a long-lasting change when they implement posture and movement suggestions.
When Rosina is not working, she's spending time with her family (which includes her husband and daughter) and friends. She loves traveling and can be found hiking and camping in the woods or reading mythology, fantasy, and mystery stories.
Did You Know?
...Mettler Athletic's Jr. High Volleyball Program is starting October 13th. Athletes will train with an instructor twice a week learning all aspects of the sport. Contact member services for details!

...Mettler Athletic is hosting a Happy Hour on Wednesday, September 23rd, 6pm at Radio Maria.

...approximately $5000 was raised during our first ever Pedal for a Purpose cyclethon for MDA. Tune in to WCIA 3 at 10am on Labor Day to watch Paul and Lisa Mettler present the check which you helped make possible!