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In the past, technology was often thought of as a huge hindrance to exercise. Today, health/fitness gadgets and apps are taking the tech world by storm. In anticipation of our new website launch later this month, we're sharing our favorite fitness-related websites and apps.

Mark your calendars for two important events in the fall: Mettlerfest (September 13th) and Discover Yoga (October 12th).

We invite you, your friends, and family to join us for Mettlerfest in September. Mix 94.5 will be broadcasting live from Mettler Center, and you will have an opportunity to spin their prize wheel for the "Back to School Tour!"

Discover Yoga will be a full day of yoga practice, education, and relaxation open to our members and the community. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, you will find this day refreshing!

Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT

5 Healthy Websites
5 Healthy Websites: Staff Picks   
We asked the Mettler staff to name their favorite online health-related resource. Here's a sample that might interest you.

Track a route you run/bike/walk. Plan a route, or you can map a route that you just traveled to find out how far you went.

Often known as the "Bible" of golf fitness, Titleist Performance Institute has put together a database with information for golfers.

Features thousands of recipes from sources you love and trust. Type in a few ingredients you have on-hand, and get variety of recipe ideas.

Search through thousands of recipes that are rated and reviewed by online users. You can even build your own online recipe box.

Includes everything you could possibly need for nutritional information for food, and it's easy to select various serving sizes.

Apps to Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals
Apps to Reach Your Fitness Goals  
Whether you're trying to lose weight, train for a marathon or a 5k, or eat healthy when dining out..."there's an app for that." Below are a few popular apps that can help you reach your goals.

Set a daily calorie goal and record your daily food and exercise to make sure you stay on track. This calorie/stats counter is easy to use, and their collection of food data is quite extensive. 

Tabata Trainer
Tabata training is a great quick way to a workout that will have strength and cardiovascular benefits. Tabata Trainer is an easy to use interval training app based on the tabata method. The app is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a new, fast, challenging, and effective workout routine.  

Wahoo Fitness
Track your heart rate while you exercise and input personalized information that determines appropriate working zones for optimal warm up, fat burning, aerobic, and anaerobic work. You do need to wear a transmitter strap to record the data.   

Using GPS in your iPhone, this app will map runs, provide speed/distance information, and coach you through your headphones giving you average pace, distance, and time to keep your run/walk on track. Track personal best times and view charts and graphs that track your progress.

Pocket Yoga
This app will guide you through an entire session of yoga at three different difficulty levels. Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose. Over 150 poses with illustration, description, and benefits of each pose.

Restaurant Nutrition
Over 250 restaurants and fast food chains with nutritional information and allergen details when provided on over 60,000 food items courtesy of the Foundation HealthCare Network.  

Offer expires: 8/31/13
10% off 
Save 10% off Resting Metabolic Rate testing.  
1st National Bagel
Product Review:
1st National Bagels
The Wheat and Honey 1st National Bagels are chewy and filling. They have 5g of fiber and 10g of protein. But the biggest plus is the low carbohydrates: 36! (Many bagels fall in the 45-60g range.) The price is $1.79 at County Market and $1.59 at Target. They are found in the refrigerator section near the cream cheese. Don't forget whipped cream cheese is the way to go with a 1/3 less fat! 


4 out of 5 stars


 Melissa Smith, 

 Registered Dietitian 
Upcoming Events
8/11  Qi Gong
8/21  Friends Day
View our online calendars for the most current information.
Fall Hot Yoga
Whether you are new or a regular of Mettler's Hot Yoga, get ready for three new sessions, including the addition of a Sunday night session.

Choose from three nights:
Mondays, 8-9p, 9/16
Wednesdays, 7-8p, 9/18
Sundays, 6-7p, 9/22 

Sessions are 6-weeks. Sign up early to reserve a spot!

Mettlerfest 2013 


Save the date and bring a friend to join the fun on Friday, September 13th from 4-7pm. Members and the community are invited for food and drink, tours, classes and a special membership offer.


The Mix 94.5 will broadcast live from 4:20-6 p.m. with their Back to School Tour. Spin the prize wheel and win a prize!

Discover Yoga

Discover Yoga

Explore and expand your yoga practice during a full day of meditation, relaxation, and education at the Mettler Center.


Discover Yoga 

Saturday, October 12th, 

8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


This event includes classes for all levels. Space is limited. To secure a spot, advance payment is encouraged. Pre-register in person or call (217) 356-6543. Schedule to be released soon.

Friends Day

Every third Wednesday of the month Mettler members can bring a guest to work out or try a class for free. The next Friends Day is August 21. Think of who you want to invite, and contact them today!

New Website

Our new website will be up at the end of the month, and we are pleased with the results.


Features include a responsive design for easy use on mobile devices, a blog where our staff will regularly share info, and an  "Ask the Expert" tool to allow you to seek health advice from our trusted staff.


We are confident our new site will better serve our members and the community, and we're eager for you to explore and utilize its features. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the updates!

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