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Summer Fitness at Mettler

As summer is wrapping up, we are not slowing down. Many exciting happenings are coming your way. We have the privilege of adding several new yoga instructors to our team, and we give a peak at new programming soon to launch. Also, stay tuned for more information on our cycling event for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois that we are hosting in October.


Finally, we encourage you to explore our group class offerings as well as our Tasty Tuesday Talks.

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
5 Reasons to Workout with a Group

5 Reasons to Work Out with a Group

Most people know they should exercise but often don't know where to start. Fitness classes are the easiest way to get started--you just show up, and follow the instructor through the workout. No matter what your ability or experience, the instructor will show modifications for all fitness levels so everyone leaves the workout feeling accomplished. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why group classes "work." 

  1. Class Structure - Each class provides a guided warm up, workout, and cool down with stretching. No skipping out on one of these key elements. In addition, a great instructor will show you how your body and muscles are working properly so you learn principles that you can apply even outside of class.

  2. Social Connections - A great way to meet like-minded people and over time you may make new life-long friends! A fitness class offers a sense of community and accountability; a perfect recipe to stick with your goals.

  3. Hello Motivation! - When you are in a group setting, you are more likely to push yourself and work harder. A motivating instructor keeps you going when you may want to quit, and having others in class offers another level of friendly competition and camaraderie.

  4. A "No-Brainer" - Group classes provide a routine, and you don't have to wonder when you will go to the gym. If your favorite cycling class is Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30 a.m., it's like having an appointment you have to make.

  5. Beat Boredom - The variety of class formats available helps keep your interest and prevents you from burning out. Fitness classes are always changing as each instructor creates a personalized class experience for their participants each week.
Member Spotlight: Zarina Hock

"I believe in the power of exercise!" After a heart episode, she found herself in a better place after rehabilitation with Dr. Paul Mettler.


Additionally, she has been a fitness member since 1996 because she finds the expertise and sense of healthfulness of Mettler Center unmatched to their competition!


Presently, this retired Senior Editor of the National Council of Teachers of English spends her days staying active, volunteering at the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, and traveling internationally with her husband.


She is an excellent example of staying physically and mentally active!

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Upcoming Events 

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Labor Day Hours 

Mettler Center hours for Labor Day (Monday, September 1) will be 7am to 1pm. There will be no Tot Spot or group fitness classes.

New Instructors

We are excited to welcome several new group exercise instructors:


Andy Hamblin

 - Tu/Th 6 a.m. Strength Yoga

Kristin McKoy

 - Tu/Th Gentle Yoga

 - Tu 9:30 a.m. Chair Yoga

Melissa Seifert 

 - Sunday 4:30 p.m. Hot Yoga

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Programming

NEW Hot Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions

Muay Thai Kickboxing Class

Training XT! Group Training

Spa/Massage Packages

Tasty Tuesdays

Refresh your mind before getting your sweat on! Attend Tasty Tuesdays at 9 a.m. and learn something health and wellness related that your future self will thank you for!


Aug. 5 - A Balancing Act: Understanding Balance & Fall Prevention with Lauren Kates, Physical Therapist


Learn causes of falls and ways to decrease your risk.

Aug. 12 - The Anti-Arthritis Lifestyle with Jackie Schweighart, Personal Trainer


What causes inflammation? Learn how to get back to an active lifestyle without inflammation.

Aug. 19 - Squat Basics with Bart Lindsay, Personal Trainer


Next to walking, it's the most fundamental move you should be doing. Are you doing it correctly?


Aug. 26 - Incorporating Foam Rolling Into Your Routine with Kaci Lierman


Learn foam rolling techniques and why foam rolling is worth incorporating into routine. 

U-Sleep Pillow 

Dr. Mettler's newest pillow is now available for purchase at Mettler Center. Learn more at Doctor M Pillows.

Cycle Event for

Cycle for a great cause during our upcoming cyclethon for Make-A-Wish Illinois! More details coming soon!

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