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If you've been inspired to change your health and fitness routines thanks to the Summer Olympics, you're not alone
. The Olympics motivate people of all ages and abilities to get fit and get moving. This month, we look at how you too can train like an Olympian.

If you're a fan of Pilates, we're offering a one-time chance to take our Pilates on Foam Rollers class designed to stretch and strengthen muscles. If you're a stretching novice, we're offering a one-time class on the benefits of stretching. We'll also teach you how to use the stretching equipment in the gym.

Pilates, foam rollers, and stretching are also excellent ways to stay injury free while you work toward your post-Olympics fitness goals.

We also realize that August is the time when you might make healthy eating goals for your family after an overindulgent summer. We offer our grocery store tour and nutrition tips for the school year to help get your family on track.

At Mettler Center, we're dedicated to bringing out the champion in you. Let us help you through our commitment to nutrition, fitness, and the betterment of your entire self.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT

Train Like an Olympic Athlete
How to Train Like an Olympic Athlete 
Have you been inspired by the top male and female athletes in the world this summer? They may be in a class by themselves, but there are ways to put their training methods to use in your own workouts.

Use these Olympic tips to help you:

Set Goals: Each athlete sets a realistic and measurable goal and designs a workout to help him or her attain that goal. If your goal is to lose weight, be sure to add a specific number of pounds that you want to lose in a certain time frame. You can set up a meeting with our dietitian and personal trainers to create a plan to get you there.

Eat Right: Workouts are fun and will help you feel better and lose weight, but you need the right nutrition to fuel any workout - whether you're determined to run a 5K or take more cycle classes this year.

Walk Before You Run: There are many programs like Couch-to-5K that can help you prepare to reach your workout goals. Be sure that you take small steps to reach large goals. Otherwise, you could get frustrated and be unable to complete your mission. Small goals also give you the opportunity to assess where you are and if you need to readjust your goals at all.

Build Strength: Building muscle will help you burn more calories whether you're at rest or working out. Although you may gain "weight," you'll lose inches. That means your clothes will fit better.

Get a Coach: Trainers can keep you motivated. Be sure to tap into the Mettler personal trainers if you feel yourself lost on the way to achieving your goals.

Train Your Mind: Whether you write your goals in a notebook or not, it's important that you focus on them every day and work toward them. Believing in yourself is critical to your success.
Try Pilates on Foam Rollers to Build Stability 

We all know the many benefits Pilates offer, such as keeping your muscles loose and flexible, which keep you injury-free. 


Through Pilates, you'll also lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Unlike traditional strengthening exercises, which may add bulk, the strengthen activities you do in Pilates will help you appear leaner.


Pilates, which focuses on both toning and breathing, can help you increase your body awareness, too. You'll also improve your standing and sitting posture, giving you the illusion of thinness. 


Using foam rollers offers many of the same benefits. Runners can use foam rollers to loosen exercise-related injuries. You can also use exercises to de-stress and build flexibility. 


That's why we've created our Pilates on Foam Roller class. Learn to incorporate a foam roller into your Pilates routine to challenge balance and coordination. Participants will learn how the roller targets core stabilizers. Using the roller's unstable nature and reducing the base of support will add more challenge to your Pilates workout. You'll also learn to add intensity and variety to your Pilates matwork while maintaining safety and proper form.


This one-time class is August 9th at 5:35p. Limited space available.

Offer expires: 08/31/12
Present this coupon for a 30-minute consultation with a Dietitian. 
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Pack apple slices, grapes, strawberries or dried fruit for kids lunches. Fresh veggies such as carrots or red or yellow peppers should also be included, but avoid dipping sauces - most of them are filled with fat. More nutrition 
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The Mettler will be celebrating its 15-Year Anniversary in September! Be on the look out for exciting events and promotions throughout the month. In addition, please encourage your friends and family to consider pursuing a healthy lifestyle with the Mettler Center Membership Drive from September 15-29.

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Have You Tried Our
Grocery Store Tour?
If your goal is to help your family eat healthier this school year, it might be a great time to take advantage of our grocery store tour.

During this tour, we'll teach you how to shop for healthy foods, what to look for when reading food labels, and how to select the best produce.

You'll also be able to ask our registered dietitian specific questions you often have while shopping, such as the difference between organic and non-organic foods or how to maneuver through the tricky snack food and juices aisles.

Participants will meet at the County Market on Kirby Ave.
Sign up early, the grocery store tour is limited to five people per group.

For more information contact member services.
Drink to Your Health
Stretching Workshop to be Held in August

If you're like most people, the last time you had a good stretch, you were probably in your high school gym class. 


That's because most of us think just getting to the gym or getting in a run or bike ride is enough. That's not the case. 


Join us August 20th when we discuss benefits of stretching. 


As a sneak peek, did you know stretching is the most effective way to increase flexibility, which allows you to decrease the chances of muscle or ligament strains?


It's also an excellent way to increase the blood flow to muscles, bringing them more nourishment and removing more waste byproducts, which can speed recovery.


Stretching also improves balance and coordination and can alleviate lower back pain.


In addition to conversations of these and other benefits, you'll learn how to incorporate stretching into your daily life. (Yes, it is possible to stretch while waiting in line.)


We'll also show you how to use the various stretching equipment in the gym.


Contact Joy Sheehan with questions.
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