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Get ready for something new at Mettler this summer: Ballroom Dance lessons, both group and private, taught by one of the very best. That's right...professional dancer Alex Tecza is here to teach you the popular dance styles on our newly-installed dance floor.

Alexander Technique may be one of the best resources at Mettler Center that very few people understand. Read the article below to understand the fundamental principals of Alexander Technique and how everyone can benefit from exploring this practice. 
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Enhance Health with Alexander Technique
Holistic Health with Alexander Technique 

The Alexander Technique is a way to move with a greater degree of ease and coordination, the way nature intended. It is not a form of exercise, or a treatment, but rather, an educational method where you learn to recognize and then redirect harmful movement habits that you may have built up over a lifetime.

Through careful and delicate hands-on work, the teacher works with the student to encourage the appropriate amount of effort for the particular activity or task that one wants to perform. In this way, we develop the ability to choose, or to fine-tune how to do what we do, from everyday activities, to exercise, to skilled activities such as playing an instrument, dancing, or hitting a tennis ball. 

The Alexander Technique is a practice, teaching us to be mindful of our movement, not just in skilled activities, but perhaps more important, in everyday life. You learn to become aware of unrecognized patterns of excess tension. You learn how to react thoughtfully rather than automatically to various stimuli of life. You learn how to redirect yourself with a more efficient way of functioning. All of this results in improved coordination, balance, poise, and a delightful feeling of lightness and ease.

Try Alexander Technique to gain body awareness and improve posture to relieve pain and enhance your well-being. Book a free lesson online or call 356-6543 to schedule a 30-minute lesson.
Offer expires: 7/31/17 
FREE Alexander Lesson for first-time clients. One-time use.
Upcoming Events 
8/1  Popular Latin Dances
8/3  Popular Ballroom Dances

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Ballroom Dance Lessons
Learn the basic steps and concepts of popular dance styles. Each 6-week session will focus on two dances to give you plenty of time to practice what you learn. Different dances will be taught in later sessions. No partner required. Prepare to dance a lot and have a ton of fun! Classes begin August 1st and 3rd. 

Popular Latin Dances
American Rumba & Swing
Tuesdays, 5:20-6:20pm
Member: $90  Guest: $110 

Popular Ballroom Dances
American Waltz & Tango
Thursdays, 5:20-6:20pm
Member: $90  Guest: $110

Sign up at Member Services or by calling 356-6543.
Private Dance Lessons
Work one-on-one with professional dancer, Alex Tecza. Benefit from his vast knowledge and patient teaching style. No experience necessary.
Member/Guest: $90 per 55-min
Email to schedule.
Getting to Know
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
I have studied the Alexander technique for more than half of my lifetime, starting as a young dancer in graduate school, through the 3-year, 1600-hour training required for certification, and finally as a teacher specializing in how to incorporate the principles of the technique in training dancers.

Before taking Alexander lessons, I struggled with recurring knee problems. When none of the conventional solutions helped, I began Alexander lessons, and over a period of time, I found that my knee pain completely resolved itself, not because of a focus on my knees, but rather, because I had learned a new way of aligning myself, and of unraveling the amount of tension I had been using to perform movement. My dancing was lighter, more integrated, fuller. I had a newfound sense of control and freedom.
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