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Celebrate Summer with Mettler!

Whether you travel outside Illinois or not, it's easy to understand the need to rest, relax, and celebrate summer with family and friends.

If you pack your bags, include our nutrition tips. They're designed to help you stay in shape while you're exploring new lands.

It's a good time to vary your workout routine. Splash around in the pool with your children or get swept off your feet on the dance floor. Our physical therapist encourages runners with lingering pain to rest.

We'd also like to celebrate our member's accomplishments by recognizing our student-athletes' success this year, especially our high school seniors.

Whether you're leaving for college or just taking a short break during the summer, remember: wherever you go, we'll be waiting to welcome you home!
Miles Mettler
Miles Mettler, PhD
General Manager
Avoiding Video Game Overuse Injuries
Run Like the Wind (and Injury Free)
Running has become one of the most popular fitness trends in America. And, why not? It's one of the most natural forms of exercise. It also increases wellness, and can help drop pounds and reduce stress.

But pounding the pavement can cause many problems. Among them: stress fractures, heel spurs, shin splints, achilles and patellar tendonitis, and other assorted joint aches and muscle pains caused by the sport's repetitiveness and runners' faulty biomechanics, muscles imbalances, and training errors.

Although rest is often the best way to recover, asking runners who need their morning run like the caffeine-addicted need their latte to rest can send them into a tailspin. Our five tips can help you get back on track.
  • Get good shoes. Professionals, like the staff at Body N' Sole, can analyze your feet and gait pattern to find a shoe that meets your needs. But, don't fall in love with your kicks. The average pair only last 400 miles, so even if you ran a record-setting time in them, switch them.
  • Correct training errors. Stretch, rest, and strengthen your muscles. Proper stretching can help alleviate tightness. Resting gives your body much-needed recovery time. Strengthening helps your body withstand the mileage.
  • Vary workouts. Strengthen and stretch your legs, core, and upper body. Take yoga, pilates, tai chai, or other group exercise classes to increase strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Set realistic, progressive goals. Significant changes in surfaces, mileage, or speed work can derail your training before it begins.
  • Eat well. Runners need to watch what they're eating. You need calcium for your bones, lean proteins for your muscles, and carbohydrates for energy.
Don't be afraid to consult a health care professional. Mettler Center and Mettler Athletic offer half-hour physical therapy consultations. Joining one of Mettler Athletic's Running and Racing programs is a good way to make sure you're training correctly, too.
Don't Let Your Vacation Ruin Your Diet

After working diligently to get into shape, summer vacations can quickly derail diets. Maintaining your weight on vacation doesn't have to be difficult. By following our five tips, you can enjoy your vacation and stay on course with your weight loss goals.

Pack a snack. Avoid weight gain from greasy burgers before your flight or during your roadtrip. Pack (or pick up) a sandwich on whole wheat, and save your splurges. Once you get to your destination, pack an apple in your beach bag or tote. You won't be at the mercy of food vendors.

Don't be a beach bum. Consider a walking or cycling tour of your destination whether its California's wine country or old Las Vegas. There's no better way to experience a city than on foot.

Pretend you're a food critic. Approach vacation fare as though you're on a tasting mission. Instead of ordering your own dessert, try a forkful of your friend's cheesecake or a lick of your kid's ice cream cone  and then stop. The first bite is always the best.

Avoid sipping calories. Remember there are as many calories in a couple of Margaritas  the cool, tangy, and refreshing poolside drink of choice for many  as in eight fast food tacos. Calories in sugary alcoholic drinks add up very quickly, so limit your intake.

Enjoy yourself in moderation. Stop and consider the choices you make. Gumbo in Louisiana, pecan pie in Georgia, and New England clam chowder in Massachusetts are special treats to savor. Candy from the hotel mini-bar tastes the same as it does back home. Choose wisely.

If you couldn't sample the local cuisine, your vacation wouldn't be nearly as fun. It's okay to indulge a bit  after all, you'll probably be more active, thanks to all the touring and running around.
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Many fruit-containing cereals actually have little fruit in them. For a premium price, some of them have only an ounce or two of fruit in the entire box. You are better off adding your own fresh fruit! More nutrition...

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Mettler Athletic's
All-Area Team

Mettler Athletic would like to recognize our athletes who earned All-Area recognition from the News-Gazette. These youngsters have participated in skill instruction, personal coaching, personal training, or athleticism at Mettler during the last calendar year.

Alyssa Vodacek (St. Matthew's Catholic School, 7th grade)-State Track Qualifier,
Jacob Williams (Monticello Jr. High, 8th grade)-State Track Qualifier.

Paige Johnson (Centennial, Fr.)-All Area Special Mention,
Emily Harms (St. Joseph, Fr.)-All Area Honorable Mention, Carissa Hoyne (Central, Jr.)-All Area Honorable Mention, Jana Huber (Heritage, Fr.)-All Area Honorable Mention.

Collin DeDecker (Centennial, Sr.)-All Area First Team, Dan Plecki (Centennial, Sr.)-All Area First Team, Bryan Wachtel (Centennial, Sr.)-All Area First Team, Dylan Ray (St. Thomas More, Sr.)-All Area Second Team, Tyler Schweighart (St. Thomas More, Jr.)-All Area Special Mention, Joe Parkhill (St. Thomas More, Jr.)-All Area Special Mention, Dane Krone (St. Thomas More, Jr.)-All Area Special Mention, Timmie Johnson (Central, Jr.)-All Area Special Mention.

Congratulations to all of our All-Area Team members. We'd like to thank you for letting us help you move to the next level. To our seniors, good luck. We'll see the rest of you soon.
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Celebrate Your Birthday with Us!
Are you looking for a new and exciting idea for your child's next birthday party? The Mettler Center has you covered! 

Enjoy the Mettler Center's "Fit and Fun" Birthday Party which includes: coloring chef's hats, baking and decorating personalized cakes, playing games, and learning fun exercises.

You'll get Mettler Birthday Party invitations to send to friends and all the party materials you can imagine-from birthday candles and balloons to paperware and treats.

Each party, typically held on Saturday, lasts two hours. There is a six child minimum and a tweleve child maximum, including the birthday boy or girl. Call (217) 356-6543 for more information.

Unlimited Basketball Court Rental
Get unlimited access to Mettler Athletic's basketball court. For $40 per person, per month, you can work on your jump shot whenever you'd like. Call (217) 398-9800 for more information.