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Enjoy Friends and Family This Summer!

Summer is a great time to spend with friends and family. Whether you're grilling, hosting a picnic in the park, or arranging a birthday party, we'd like to be a part of it.

That's why we're inviting you to visit Mettler Athletic for our week-long Open House starting June 1st. If you're preparing for a reunion or a wedding we'll help you reach your feel-good and get-fit goals.

We'd like to welcome you and your friends to Mettler Center's first Taste of Summer on June 11th from 5-7pm. You'll get to try appetizers from the Mettler Cooking School while enjoying a wine spritzer and catching up with friends. Love the snacks? You can take recipes home or register for a cooking classdesigned for novice through veteran chefs. Can't make it? Join us next time. We'll do it again July 9th, and the second Thursday of each following month.

We hope you and your family will join us in celebrating the summer.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Enjoy Frozen Treats This Summer!
    Enjoy Frozen Treats Without the Guilt
Summer's heat means you're more likely to be lulled by ice cream and other frozen treats. But that doesn't mean you have to ruin your diet. Instead, cool off with delicious ice pops or frozen yogurt.

Among treats you can store and enjoy all year long are creamsicles and fudgesicles. Non-fat milk, sugar, and cocoa give fudge bars their rich taste. Creamsicles are often made from low-fat sherbet. Fruit  bars are another top pick. Their main ingredients are fruit, fruit puree, or fruit juicejust avoid coconut, cream, or chocolate coating.

Avoid high-fat ice cream and ice cream bars. Premium ice creams loaded with chocolate-coated nuts, fudge-laden pretzels, cake batters, brownie bits, and candy bar pieces are among the worst diet offenders.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the freezer section, try a home-made smoothie, which are great breakfasts. Toss frozen fruit in a blender or food processor. Slowly add ice to the machine. Blend after each addition. 

Need more tips to get your diet on track? Schedule your free consultation with our Melissa Smith, our registered dietitian.
    Choosing the Right Yoga Class
Yoga can be an exciting, exhilarating class, which can leave you feeling invigorated. But, with so many styles to choose from, how do you determine which is for you?
If you've never taken a class before, you might want to start with a few slow-paced Hatha classes to learn the basic poses. Vinyasa is another class generalization. These classes are more vigorous and based on the performance of poses called Sun Salutations, during which a movement is matched with a breath.

Iyengar classes focus on bodily alignment, or the precise way you position your body to avoid injury and obtain the maximum benefits. Iyengar emphasizes holding poses over long periods versus quick, smooth transitions between poses (flow) yoga.

The Mettler Center offers four types of yoga classes: core, gentle, flow and strength. We also offer fee-based Iyengar classes.

Core blends yoga postures and Pilates exercises while focusing on your core. Gentle yoga, which is conducted at a slower pace, focuses on relaxation and promoting flexibility. Flow yoga links positions and movements to breaths. Strength yoga, our only 45-minute class, is designed to build strength, stamina and endurance.

If you'd like more information about one of our classes, please call the Mettler Center and ask to speak with Joy Sheehan, group fitness coordinator.
    Take Tips From the Mettler Cooking School
At the Cooking School we teach you to take good nutrition home.

The Mettler Cooking School is for anyonefrom novice to veteran chefwho believes that better food equals better health. The Cooking School offers courses for diverse audiences, from those interested in weight loss to those who want to explore whole grain pastry baking.

You'll get timesaving tips, up-to-date nutrition education, information on healthy food preparation, and quick-and-easy recipes. Classes vary from month to month, but have included Food Coach, Healthy Cooking Techniques, Pastry Shop Treats, and Everyday Cooking.  

Kids Cook, typically held the second Saturday of each month, involves kids in hands-on preparation of healthy foods and snacks. Returning this summer is Kids Can Cook, our week-long healthy cooking and fitness camp. During camp (held the weeks of June 15th and July 20th) children learn about healthy eating and apply nutrition knowledge in the kitchen by preparing a nutritious, kid-friendly lunch.

In December, we also published "Everyday Cooking," which is bursting with great, healthy recipes that your family will enjoy.

To register for any class or to purchase a cookbook, contact the Mettler Center's member services.
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Undereating can be just as bad as overeating. If you don't eat at regular intervals you risk disrupting your blood sugar and insulin levels, causing your metabolism to slow. More nutrition...
Upcoming Events
6/1-6/6  MA Open House
6/4        Qi Gong
6/6        Yin Yoga
6/8        Next Level Speed & 
6/9        MA Fitness Challenge
6/10      Dealing with Shin
6/11      Taste of Summer
6/15      Pre-Season Football
6/15      Pre-Season Volleyball
6/16      Kinetik Kidz
6/18      Grocery Store Tour
6/22      Pilates Fundamentals
6/25      Metabolism Testing
6/25      Everyday Cooking

View our online calendars for the most current information.
Get a Taste of Summer!
Let us toast to a healthy, stress-free summer.

On June 11th, invite your family and friends to stop by the Mettler Center between 5-7pm for cocktails and healthy appetizers in our lobby. Feel free to take home your favorite recipe.

Our next family and friends gathering will be July 9th at 5 pm. See member services for more information.
Use These Tips to Avoid Shin Pain
Use These Tips to Avoid Shin Pain
Most shin pain, a common aliment for runners and single-sport high school athletes, can be avoided with proper training.
To avoid shin pain, keep your training consistent. Upping your intensity level too soon will land you on the sidelines.

Changing the training surfaces or shoes you wear can be problematic, too. To find a proper shoe, visit a store where you can have your running stride analyzed.

Throughout training, always warm-up properly and focus on your technique. Increasing flexibility through Pilates or yoga can keep you from injury.
If you experience symptoms, try a "relative rest" approach by riding a stationary bike, swimming or pool running. Each can help maintain cardiovascular performance while taking some stress off your injury.

If you're still in pain, try icing the affected area and taking anti-inflammatory medication to relieve pain.

For more tips, attend our free class, Dealing with Shin Pain in the Midst of Training, led by Mettler physical therapist Jeff Schroeder and occupational therapist Sheila King.
Did You Know?
...Mettler offers a special 3-month membership for students 22 and younger during the summer. Membership includes unlimited facility use, group fitness classes, discounts, and one equipment orientation session provided by a personal trainer.

...Mettler hosts Fit & Fun Birthday Parties. Celebrate a fun birthday for your child without all the planning and baking. Children mix, bake, and decorate their own personal cake and enjoy fun games, exercises, and crafts.

...Mettler Athletic is hosting an Open House from June 1st-6th. Guests can workout for free that week, and those who sign up receive half off the joining fee. Already a member? Bring a friend. If your friend signs up during the open house, you'll get two 20-minute training sessions.

...You don't have to be a member to enjoy group fitness at Mettler. Forward this email to a friend, allowing them to take advantage of our special offer: $5 off a 10-class Group Fitness punch card.