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Shape-Up This Summer at Mettler

Each season, we update our offerings and introduce new classes to keep you and your family in top shape. It's no surprise, then, that our summer lineup will get you excited about setting, working toward, and meeting your goals to accomplish Whole Life Fitness.

This month, we're bringing back our Self-Defense class and starting a Boot Camp class that will allow you to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors and working with others. Several group exercise classes are changing, too, so be sure to check our latest schedule.

At Mettler Athletic, young athletes will be able to enjoy our many sports programs geared at preventing injuries, improving football skills, and teaching physical activity basics. Those who would rather learn about nutrition can take part Mettler Center's children's cooking camps.

We're also proud to offer members the chance to complete a Power Plate workout. Tests and demos of this new machine can be arranged through member services..

As always, we're here to help you achieve your goals and would love to hear back from you about the camps and classes you love -- as well as ones that you think we can make better.

Let's continue to work on achieving Whole Life Fitness together.
Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Try Power Plate Training at Mettler

Try Power Plate Training at Mettler 
Experience a completely different way to exercise with our new Power PlateŽ. Using whole-body vibration, the Power Plate is a device which provides benefits of weight training without the strenuous workout.

Instead, the simple vibrations the machine causes gives you the results of a physical workout that anyone can appreciate; including those who have trouble performing traditional exercises like seniors, those with osteoporosis, or those with chronic pain.

The Power Plate works by creating rapid, low-amplitude vibrations which get passed to the body. The body works to stabilize and absorb the vibrations which strengthen the muscular and skeletal systems.

In addition to helping those with chronic degenerative conditions, vibration training is an effective method for improving balance, increasing circulation, and enhancing the body's ability to exercise with minimal stress to the tendons and joints.

If you have an interest in an alternate mode of exercise with many potential benefits, schedule a free consultation to learn about Power Plate training by contacting Member Services.
Announcing Our Summer Sports Camps 

Are your young athletes looking for something to do this summer? At Mettler Athletic, we have ways to keep kids of all ages active.

For children ages 6-10, we offer Kinetic Kids, a camp that teaches movement skills through organized play. The three-day-a-week camp starts June 13th.

Slightly older children may enjoy Youth Speed & Agility Training. In this class, athletes will learn proper body alignment as well as other skills that can form the building blocks for future athletic success. The three times a week camp begins June 13th.

Know of a female athlete who plays court sports? If so, she may benefit from our ACL Prevention for Athletes, which begins June 13th. Female athletes have a higher prevalence of ACL injuries because of their body structure and improper movements. In this injury-prevention program, athletes go through a pre- and post-functional movement screening to identify any faulty mechanics. The program incorporates corrective exercise strategies and trains athletes to move, jump, and land properly through a series of progressive strength, jumping, and movement drills. The class, for athletes ages 12-18, is held twice per week.

High school athletes who want to get in shape for the fall sports season should check out our Summer Football Strength & Conditioning camp. During this camp, which is hosted three days a week starting June 13th, athletes will learn everything they need to
enter camp in the best physical shape possible. This eight-week course teaches athletes football-specific movements, speed training and power production.

To register for any of our camps or get more information, contact Mettler Athletic.

Learn to Move More Safely at Mettler 

Whether you're an elite athlete or desk worker, movement restrictions will limit your capability to move efficiently and lead to injuries. Our 8-week Functional Movement Program allows each person to identify their restrictions through functional movement screening. After the screening, our staff will develop a personalized program to meet your specific needs.

You will meet with your leader and other participants in a group setting twice weekly starting June 14th. The first half of each class will be spent doing a dynamic warm-up, mobility, strength, core, and flexibility exercises. The second half will be spent working on your specific exercises. At the end of each camp, you will be taken through the screening again to measure your success. For more information contact Member Services at Mettler Athletic.

Group Exercise Class Notes 

As you know, we constantly change our classes to meet our members' needs. This summer, we have several changes planned.


Those who love our Body, Bar, and Bands class held on Tuesdays and Thursday will be excited to know the class will be 15-minutes longer. Starting June 7th, the class will end at 5:30pm.


Also, starting on June 7th, the 7am 20/20/20 class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be taught by Mettler Center manager Joy Sheehan. 


Regular attendees of the 9am Friday Zumba class have noticed a new instructor for that class. Casie has taken over for Shannon. Those who attend the 4:30 Cycle class will also notice that the class is on hiatus until fall.


For more information about any of these changes contact Member Services.

Offer expires: 06/30/11
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
You probably eat out a lot -- most Americans do. Whether it's carry-out, a food court,
the office cafeteria or a sit-down restaurant, there are smart choices. To start, think ahead and plan where you will eat. Consider what meal options are available. Look for restaurants or carry-out with a wide range of menu items. More nutrition...
Upcoming Events
6/5    Sunday Tai Chi 
6/6    Yoga for Golf
6/7    Qi Gong
6/9    Grocery Store Tour
6/11  Kids Cook
6/13  Get in the Zone 
6/20  Boot Camp - Evening
6/20  Self-Defense 101
6/22  Self-Defense 101
6/23  Grocery Store Tour
6/28  Kids Can Cook
6/29  Kids Can Cook
6/30  Kids Can Cook

View our online calendars for the most current information.
Take Our Self
Defense Class

Self-Defense 101, which starts on June 20th, offers a basic plan for your personal
protection and safety.


The three-day class, led by second-degree black belt Jackie Kern, focuses on helping you become safer, stronger, and more knowledgeable through a
series of practical and progressive training drills in self-defense.

To register, please contact the Mettler Center.

Join Boot Camp

Push past your limits in our Mettler Boot Camp. In this six-week camp, you'll train with more focus and intensity while holding each other accountable. Enjoy the great outdoors while increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength as well as improving overall muscle tone. Get ready to be challenged, inspired, and reach new fitness levels. Mettler Boot camp will be offered as a morning or evening class.


The class is open to members and non-members. Members will receive a discounted rate. Call Member Services for more information.

Welcom to Kids' Cooking Camps
Welcome to Kids Cooking Camps

Children interested in learning about nutrition and cooking education will enjoy our Kids Cooking Camps. Kids Can Cook is a 3-day, healthy cooking and fitness day camp for kids 5-9. Participants will engage in physical activity as well as hands-on cooking lessons. 


Each day of the three-day camp, children will receive a nutritious lunch. Participants receive an apron, cooking utensils, and recipe collection. Camp starts June 28th and will be held again in August.

Children who have previous cooking experience or are age 9 and up may enjoy our 4-day
Junior Chef Camp. Held in July and August, this camp allows children to expand on their culinary experience. 


Children will learn healthy cooking skills, hands-on cooking lessons, prepare
a healthy lunch every day, and engage in physical fitness. Each chef receives his or her
own Chef's Tool Kit.

To register, or for more information, please contact the Mettler Center.

Get a Summer Membership Today

Whether you're a student returning home or you've decided you have time to work out this summer, three-month summer memberships are available.  


You'll receive the same access to classes and personal trainers as our general members. Call Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic for more information.

Thanks for Volunteering!

The third annual Illinois Marathon was a great success, and we'd like to extend a special thanks to all our members and employees who donated their time to support the runners.  


Your help was so appreciated by all. We hope you had a great time and will join
us again next year!

Congratulations to all the Mettler runners, too. You're a wonderful example of Whole
Life Fitness.

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