The Mettler Release - 05.07.2008
The Mettler Release
Small changes that make a big difference!

At Mettler, we'd like to encourage you to make small adjustments to help you lead a healthier, fuller life.

For our May issue, which celebrates Correct Posture Month, our physical therapists explain how to decrease wear, tear, and stress on your joints. You'll also learn why you should schedule appointments with our nutritionist, analyze your athletic skills, and try new group fitness classes.

With our assistance you can start your healthiest, best May yet.
Miles Mettler
Miles Mettler, PhD
General Manager
3 Tips for Perfect Posture
Three Tips for Perfect Posture
Good posture isn't limited to how one sits or stands. It's a dynamic process. Proper posture decreases stress on joint surfaces, muscles, and ligaments. It also prevents fatigue by allowing muscles to work more efficiently, prevents backache, and helps enhance our appearance.

Modifying your posture requires a conscious effort, but it becomes easier with practice. Proper posture starts with a good foundation. Our body has three natural curves: a small hollow in our low back, a small roundedness in our middle back, and a small hollow in the base of our neck. The key is to not exaggerate these curves by adopting faulty postural habits.

Correct standing posture can be achieved by:
  1. Keeping the feet shoulder width apart and your body weight evenly distributed.
  2. Avoiding lifting the chin too high, sticking the chest out too far, or sticking the buttocks out too far.
  3. Keeping the earlobes in line with the shoulders, hips, and ankle bones we should feel stable and not easily moved if pushed by another person.
Good posture takes practice, but bettering one's posture through the above steps is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
Nutritionist Designs Plan for Your Health

Registered Dietitian Melissa Smith joins the staff at the Mettler Center and Mettler Athletic.

Dietitians often study health sciences including anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physiology, nutrition, and medical science. They often learn counseling and psychological skills, too. RD's assess, analyze, intervene, and educate patients about diet and diseases.

Weight loss is Smith's true passion. Using lifestyle changes and behavioral modifications Smith helps individuals get back to doing the things they love.

During consultations, Smith meets with clients to determine their goals and design plans to meet their nutritional needs. At Mettler Athletic, Smith works with personal trainers to insure athletes have the proper fuel to compete at the highest level.
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Nutrition Tip
of the Month
Make your own low-fat tortilla chips by baking fresh tortillas at 400 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, or until crisp. Cut them into triangles before baking or break them into chips afterward and season to taste!
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Upcoming Events
5/8         Exercising Intensity
5/10       Kids Cook
5/12-18  Get Active America
              Open House
5/12-16  Ask a Trainer
5/14       Cook'a Challenge
5/19       Pilates Fundamentals
5/20       The Shoulder
5/27       Pilates Fundamentals
6/7         Chicago Bus Trip
6/9         Preseason Volleyball
6/9         Preseason Football
6/17       Marathon Training
6/16-18  MA Basketball Camp
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New Group
Fitness Classes

Gear up for Spring with Mettler Group Fitness. With more than 80 classes each week, we've got one that's right for you!

For low impact but high energy fat burning, try morning or evening Cardio Salsa. You're guaranteed to sweat, but you'll have so much fun you won't even realize it!

Need some relaxation while increasing balance, tone, and overall mind-body awareness? We've added  evening and Saturday Flow and Core Yoga to our regular lineup.

You asked for it, you got it...Tuesday evening Fusion! And how about another Saturday morning time and Sunday evening Family Fusion!

Self Defense 101 will help you become safer, stronger, and more knowledgeable in three progressive 90-minute sessions. Sign up for June with member services.
Occupational Therapy

Analyze Your
Athletic Skills

Ever wondered what's wrong with your batting swing or your approach for a volleyball spike? Need an expert's opinion, but unsure of where to find one?

Look no further than Mettler Athletic. Using Dartfish video technology, athletes looking to perfect their skills can compare their techniques to professionals in their sport. Skill coaches give needed corrections and can share videos with athletes who can  review lessons at home.

Dartfish video analysis can be used for golf, volleyball, track, baseball, and softball.