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Let Us Help You Prepare for Summer!

This month, the staff is gearing up to make sure you have your best summer yet.

Whether you're looking for ways to help your young athletes get a leg up on the competition or you want to eat better, we've got you covered.

Mettler Athletic offers two great Pre-season programs starting in June for aspiring football and volleyball players. The Next Level Speed & Agility program teaches athletes how to improve their movements to make themselves more efficient. 

Mark your calendars now for our Pilates Fundamentals classes offered in June, too. This is a great workout that your body will thank you for.

Whatever your goals, we're confident that at the Mettler Center you'll achieve Whole Life Fitness.
 Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Grow Your Own Veggies This Year!
    Grow Your Own Veggies This Year! 
Getting kids (and big kids) to eat their veggies can be tough. It's almost impossible to explain how ketchup (Yum!) can be the same as tomatoes (Yuck!). Watching supermarket prices soar this year might convince you to ignore the 5-to-13 daily serving recommendation for fruits and veggies.

But, don't get discouraged! Fruits and veggies contain vitamins and minerals that kids can't get elsewhere.

Want to get them to eat their greens and save some money at the store? Try growing your own produce. And, if you don't have a green thumb, relax. Our favorites are low-maintenance (no fancy gadgets required). They also provide the ultimate reward: Veggies your kids will eat because they grew them!

Try these tried-and-true staples:

Lettuce. You won't have to wait long for this staple to appear. Two to three weeks after you plant the seeds the first leaves will appear. From a $2 seed package, you can have lettuce for months. Just remember, lettuce won't survive the summer heat, so plant in the spring and fall.

Herbs. Buy a pot of parsley or mint and you can nibble immediately. You'll also get fresh herbs all year. Thyme, rosemary, sage and other herbs come back annually in moderate climates.

Vine vegetables. Put a cheap zucchini, cucumber, or tomato plant in your garden and watch it take over. You'll have more veggies than you (or your little one) can eat. Be ready to try new recipes!

Bell peppers. For the grocery store price of a pepper, you can plant one plant that will give you six or more peppers. If you have extra, take them to neighbors and watch as your child proudly explains how she helped them grow!

Once you've got your veggies, you'll need great recipes. For ideas, take Mettler Center's Everyday Cooking class.
    Relax Your Mind (& Body) with Pilates
Summer should be relaxing, but if you're constantly stressed or sore, Pilates might be the answer. Developed by Joseph Pilates, the practice focuses on strengthening core postural muscles, which keep the body balanced and provide spine support.

According to practitioners, Pilates should fuse the mind and body, so that without engaging the mind, the body will move more gracefully. You'll also undo all of your bad habits.

You'll work on several key aspects in each class, including:

Breathing: Correct breathing oxygenates the muscles and reduces tension in the upper neck and shoulders. You'll learn to breathe more deeply and correctly, which will keep you from tiring during your exercise routine.

Centering: Building your core musclesthe abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocksis essential to Pilates. Once these muscles are strong, you'll be amazed at the difference that you feel in your extremities. A strong core can make daily tasksfrom running to sitting up straight at your deskeasier, too.

Concentration: Beginners are instructed to pay careful attention to their bodies, whether you're tightening muscles or working on you're breathing. You'll become more self-aware as you learn to actively engage muscles that you didn't even know you had.

Control: You won't be rewarded for making the biggest leg circles, but your instructor will praise your ability to keep your hip still. Like ballerinas, form is essential, and our instructors will make sure you've got yours down!

Precision: Every movement in the Pilates method has a purpose, that's why we'll remind you when to inhale or exhale as well as when to contract and release muscles. This precision targets specific muscles that you want to tone.

Flow or efficiency of movement: This isn't a cardio workout, but continuous movements build strength, stamina, and flexibility.

For more information on our Pilates Fundamentals class, which is a pre-requisite to all other Pilates classes, or other group fitness classes contact Joy Sheehan, group fitness coordinator

Pilates Fundamentals will not be offered in May, but please know we'll be offering it twice in June!
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Nutrition Tip
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Whether you prepare a frozen pizza or a fresh one, you have to wait for your oven to heat up. Why not use that time to prepare a simple healthy homemade pizza? Use a pita for crust! More nutrition...
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Start Training Now
for Your Fall Sport
At Mettler Athletic, we believe athletes aren't born, they're made.

We know the most important part of your season happens long before the first practice. That's why we created our Pre-Season Volleyball and Football programs.

Each program meets three times a week starting in June.

In each camp, coaches will work on speed and agility training, correcting athletes' running form so they'll run more efficiently and quickly.

Volleyball players will fine-tune skills to generate more power per spike and proper approach to perfecting passes. They'll also learn proper defensive stances and movements.

Football players compliment their speed and agility work with strength and power training to make sure they can deliver crushing tackles and hold off defenders.

Each coach is an expert in his or her sport and a certified personal trainer, guaranteeing that athletes get great all-around training.

For more information call Mettler Athletic today. 
Meet Susan Roughton

Meet Susan Roughton, LMT!
Susan Roughton, LMT, is our newest massage therapist. After spending many years working in international education, she chose to become a therapist because massage helped her through a difficult pregnancy. She also wanted to help others be happier and healthier.

Susan's dedication to whole life fitness began in 1999 when she met her husband. He was an avid cyclist. She was a couch potato.

He logged too many hours in the gym and on the bike, so to spend more time with him (and get to know him better), she bought a bike and joined a gym. Soon they were riding and working out together. Now, 10 years and two kids later, they're still active. After all, she's a role model to her clients and kids!

To schedule an appointment with Susan or another massage therapist, call the Mettler Center.
Did You Know?
...Next Level Speed & Agility will be offered at Mettler Athletic beginning June 8th. This 8-week program trains athletes in movement technique, force development, explosive first movements, power and agility.

...An Introduction to Nordic Walking Workshop will be offered at the Mettler Center on May 14th. The workshop will teach Nordic walking history, benefits, techniques, and exercises. (Poles will be provided.)

...Water Aerobics returns to Lincolnshire Fields Country Club. Classes will meet 12:15-1pm, Monday-Friday from June 1st-August 28th. See Member Services for more information or to purchase a punch card or summer pass.