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We are very excited to announce Mettler Center Physical Therapy now offers Pool Therapy! If you would like to discover if you could benefit from pool therapy please set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation at the Physical Therapy desk.

Finally, we're offering an exclusive special with personal trainer, Kaci Lierman through the entire month of April. If you're considering working with a personal training, now is a great time. 
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Is Pool Therapy for You
Is Pool Therapy for You? 
Pool therapy (also known as aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy) basically means "therapy in water," and has been around for a while. However, its use may not be as popular as it should be.

Water has two great properties which can be used in therapy. One is the buoyancy and the other is its isokinetic resistance.

Because the human body is slightly less dense than water, our body's weight is supported in a pool. The more the immersion, the more supported it will be. This "low-impact" activity is very helpful for those people who cannot walk because of pain upon weight bearing activity, such as those with arthritis in the knee or hip.

Buoyancy can also be used to support a limb so that the limb can exercise in a condition without the effect of gravity. Early movement is important especially in the shoulder. People with frozen shoulder or impingement syndrome will find it easier to mobilize in water, without aggravating the pain.

Usually the water in a therapeutic pool is kept warm. The heat and buoyancy from the water will help to relax muscles and make stretching more effective. The heat can also improve circulation in the muscles and joints. A stiff joint will find it a lot easier to mobilize in the pool.

Isokinetic Resistance
Water can also help to strengthen muscles. By providing a turbulent "drag," water provides resistance to a movement called isokinetic resistance.

An isokinetic resistance is different than that of a dumbbell. The resistance from a dumbbell is constant and downward (due to the force of gravity), but isokinetic resistance varies throughout the movement, depending on the force being exerted. In other words, the quicker you want to move in the water, the more resistance you will experience. This property is very important when it comes to strengthening a painful muscle or joint. When patients cannot exert much effort at a certain point in the range of motion because of pain, the resistance patients experience will decrease accordingly. Therefore, the risk of getting injured during exercises will be reduced to a minimum. In fact, this property of water has been widely used in building high caliber weight training machines.

Learn more about Pool Therapy with Mettler.

Do you have question about pool therapy? Ask an Expert. Or, discover if you are a candidate for pool therapy and schedule your free consultation today.
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Sheehan Family
As many of you know, Joy Sheehan, Director of Fitness and Wellness at Mettler Center, suffered an unfathomable loss as her son Christian was tragically taken in a house fire recently.

We have had many inquiries regarding how you can help the Sheehan family with the funeral costs, and we wanted to share that information with you.

We will be collecting cash/checks at Mettler Center. Checks may be made out to "Sheehan Family Memorial Fund," and funds may be dropped off at Member Services any time in the next week. If you have questions, please contact Julie at:
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Thank you for your patience as we find another date for the Member Potluck. 
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Running Injuries
 Part Two
Just a few weeks before the Illinois Marathon. Have you remained free of injuries?

Listen to the second portion of the Running Injuries segment with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Matthew Gordon.

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Power Plate Training
The Power Plate is a machine using vibration technology to bring about the proven benefits of increased strength, muscle tone, bone density, blood circulation, flexibility and range of motion.

Are you interested in what's possible with the Power Plate? Schedule a free consultation today.
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