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Appreciating Our Members

At the Mettler Center, our members are what we value the most! Serving our members is something we are honored to do each day, and we strive to create a sense of community where members feel at home when they visit.


This month, we've taken the time to feature our members. Over and over we hear how members are changed in positive ways by their involvement with the Mettler Center. This brings us great joy because, after all, our mission is to "transform the lives of the people we serve."


We also asked our staff to share what they enjoy the most about working with our fantastic members! We hope the articles below are encouraging and inspire you to stay connected at Mettler!


In closing, we invite you to join us on Friday, April 19th, from 6-8pm for "Mettler Mania 2013." Please invite your friends as the event is open to the community. This is one evening you don't want to miss!

Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Members' Share of Transformed Lives

Members' Share of Transformed Lives    

Beth Allender lost 40 lbs. during the Weight Loss Challenge last year, and has continued working hard with her trainer ever since.


I like knowing people are expecting me. Being a member of Mettler Center is great for the accountability and the big picture view of fitness. Melissa was so knowledgeable, and Eddie challenges me and cares about my progress. He even encourages me to try new things like running in this year's Illinois Marathon 5K!

Steve Petruzzello is a committed group exercise participant who tries to stay active each day with classes such as Complete Mix, Fusion, Cycle, and Strength Coach.  

I used to stand outside of Studio A and watch the classes and think the folks were nuts. I couldn't envision myself doing that. Now, most of my workouts center around those exact classes! I have a hard time envisioning myself NOT doing those classes. I really like the group atmosphere and the energy that you feel from the rest of the people in the class. Plus, it's a constantly changing type of exercise, which I find motivating.  


Beth Hutchens is back to her normal routine of visiting Mettler nearly every day after a long road to recovery from a broken hip. 


Mettler Center is a very encouraging place to be and you feel like you know everybody! Ben jokes with me that it's my 'vacation place.' In therapy, Ben is tough when he needs to be, and pushes you, but I always feel safe and secure working with him!


Laura Robinson wanted to get back to her pre-baby weight after giving birth to her second child, Melissa developed a customized plan where Laura not only met her goals, but surpassed them.

I wanted a well-defined, focused plan that I could trust would balance well with my personality and lifestyle! Melissa's support has given me the knowledge base to sustain a healthy nutrition plan for the long term. I've never felt so confident and comfortable in my body as I do now! 

Fostering Member Success  

Kendy Stewart (Group Fitness Instructor): 

As much as I strive to provide a good workout for each class, I feel it's equally important for everyone that walks in the door to feel welcome. We've all been beginners and remember what it feels like to take that big first step and try something outside our comfort zone. Exercise should be something we look forward to, and I love the fact that the community being created in my class might be one of the reasons people keep coming back to Mettler.


Eddie Edwards (Personal Trainer):

Our members challenge us every day. If we are doing our jobs they excel, if they excel we have to find more ways to challenge our members in order to complete goals. The Mettler Center members make me a better person and trainer.


Ben Kim (Physical Therapist):
I try to get to know each patient at a personal level. I believe if you can understand the patient holistically, you can treat the patient much more effectively and really meet their specific needs. It brings me joy knowing that I am able to help these people regain their function and increase their quality of life.


Melissa Smith (Registered Dietitian):

I feel developing a relationship with my clients is key. I am a great cheerleader, and I really believe in my clients. I make healthy eating fit into everyone's lifestyle ... It is possible!


Joy Sheehan (Fitness/Wellness Manager):
I feel that our members take pride in their fitness and wellness. That is why they have chosen the Mettler Center. They want to be educated as their journey never stops with Fitness and Wellness. Therefore as their body changes, their needs and understanding of their workouts change too. We are here to help them and inform them of what changes are taking place and how we target those areas.
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$5 Club Bucks as a gift to our members! One time use. 
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Take your calcium supplement separate from a multivitamin. The calcium may not be absorbed if taken with zinc, iron, or magnesium.
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Upcoming Events
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Mettler Mania 2013
Friday, April 19th 

Save the date! Mettler Mania is just two weeks away. This free event is for our members and the general public as well, so invite your friends. There is something for everyone! 

What's Included:

- Drinks & Appetizers by DISH

- Group Fitness Classes*

- Chair Massage*

- Presentations

- Tours for first-time visitors

- Giveaways

- No Joining Fee (April 19 only)


Event Schedule:

6pm Appetizers & Drinks

6-6:45pm Cycle

6:15-7pm Zumba

7:15-8pm Yoga with Strings

7:15-8pm Hot Yoga

8pm Grand Prize Giveaway


*RSVP required for group classes and chair massage.

Member Appreciation Breakfast 

Come enjoy breakfast on us! Stop by the main lounge to pick up fresh breads/spreads and fruit to start off your morning!


Date: Friday, April 19th

Time: 6:30-10am

Where: Mettler Center Lounge 

Cost: Free

Energy for Activity
Energy for Activity
Want to safely use energy products for the Illinois marathon or cycling events?

Come discuss and sample several different types of energy gels and foods with personal trainer Eddie Edwards in this free Mettler University class on April 16th from 7-8pm.

Strength Hot Yoga 

Introducing our newest heated yoga: Strength Hot Yoga.


If you've enjoyed Monday Hot Yoga, you'll find this similar, but more intense and strength-focused. Come prepared to sweat and work out hard!


Date: April 3-May 8 

Time: 7-8pm

Instructor: Kristina Reese

Cost: M $40 / NM $48

Illinois Marathon
Volunteers Needed

Join Mettler Center staff and members at Mile 23 (Sangamon and Mattis) of the Illinois Marathon, Saturday, April 27.


Sign Up to Volunteer 


Group: Mettler Center
Password: IMvolunteer

Don't Forget
 Friends Day
Every third Wednesday of the month Mettler members have a chance to invite a guest to work out or take part in a class for free!

The next Friends Day will be April 17th. Think about who you want to bring and invite them today!
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