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Get a Fresh Start This Spring

Spring is here, and so is another fresh start. If you've fallen off track of your health and fitness resolutions, don't give up hope! We're eager to help you get back on course.


What better way to re-engage than by attending our second annual Mettler Mania on Friday, April 11th. We'll showcase our services through demos, assessments and classes for you to try out. Bring a guest who is not a member and you will both receive a $20 gift card.


We encourage you to think about your goals, whether it be a workout routine, a healthier diet, or enlisting the help of a massage or physical therapist. Enjoy the thoughts below and let them inspire you to step into Spring recommitted to your health.

Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful

"If you set your bar at 'amazing,' it's awfully difficult to start."

 - Seth Godin


While admiring people that live well; we often try replicating what they do and find we fall short quickly. Whether beginning a new running program, exercising for the first time ever, or incorporating proper nutrition--starting new habits is a bit daunting. Our tendency is to look at someone who has mastered a disciple, and try to follow their lead. However, their present state is likely not how they began. 


Here are some tips for getting started on your goals, without stressing the details.

  • You're not in the big leagues yet
    Start small and keep building. Ease into a new discipline with baby steps and progress in manageable increments. Remind yourself everyone has to start somewhere, and it will be journey.

  • What's optimal vs. what's needed?
    Do not let what is optimal prevent you from getting started with what is needed right now. Fresh running gear, organic produce, and sunny skies are ideal but not necessary to get down to business and start making changes.

  • Become the best you!
    You can esteem others, but make sure your focus is to become the best possible you! Only compare yourself to where you used to be. Every day get 1% better than the day before.
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Morning Makover: Ways to Start Your Day
Morning Makeover: Ways to Start Your Day 

Spring allows nature to start anew, but each morning we get a fresh start too! Here are three key practices that can make your mornings fun and productive.


  1. Fuel Your Body 
    We hear it all the time, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." But sleeping longer, running late, saving calories--the excuses go on and on to prevent us from following through. Breakfast not only jump-starts your metabolism, but it sets you up for a day without compromises.

  2. Be Mindful & Plan Ahead 
    Decide on three things to do during your day that you will feel good about accomplishing. Take the time to give your day direction and take satisfaction in these small victories.

  3. Be Happy 
    Starting your day off right by making time for something you enjoy. Maybe it is as simple as sipping your coffee while watching the news, or attending a sunrise yoga class. No matter how simple, do something that recharges your mind-body and leaves you with a smile and ready to start your day.
Personal Training
Offer expires: 4/30/14
$5 off
$5 off a Personal Training Package. 
Upcoming Events 
4/7    Massage Promo

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Half-off Massage
Half-off Massage

We continue our "Half-off Massage Days" in April by featuring two more of our outstanding massage therapists.


If you've never received a massage at Mettler, now is your chance to enjoy its benefits at 50% off. Book now as spots are limited.


Date: April 7

Time: 10 am - 9:00 pm

Therapist: Dan Noice


Date: April 30

Time: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Therapist: Brandy Koenig

Mettler Mania

Join us on Friday April 11th from 4-7pm and get a taste of all that Mettler has to offer, including fun classes and informative demos.


Bring a guest who is a non-member you'll both receive a $20 gift card!


More about Mettler Mania.

Let's Stretch: What You Need to Know

Learn stretching strategies to address pain and chronic muscle tension during this free workshop, April 21, 10:30-11am. Sign up at Member Services.

New Specialty Massage Services

Mettler Center is excited to announce three new massage services: Body Brush Exfoliation, Deluxe Hand Scrub, and Detoxifying Cupping Wrap.


We will notify members once these services are available to schedule. Can't wait? Be one of the first to sample at our upcoming Mettler Mania.

Train with an MMA Pro
Now Accepting

As a SilverSneakers fitness location, Mettler Center is now enrolling program participants! If eligible, stop in to get set up.


SilverSneakers is a benefit offered through participating Medicare health care plans and supplement carriers to promote improved health and greater independence through regular activity. Learn more.

Friends Day

Don't forget...the third Wednesday of each month is Friends Day at Mettler Center. The next Friends Day is April 16th. Think of who you want to invite, and invite them today!

Coming Soon!

"Tasty Tuesdays" and monthly giveaways based on your number of check-ins.

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