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Check Out Our Abundant April Offerings

April, as a bridge between blustery March and soothing May, can be filled with anticipation. We are ready to be done with winter and looking forward to the warm weather and new growth around us. This makes April the perfect month to take advantage of one or more of our Mettler University Programs. 

The staff has worked very hard on coming up with topics and programs that will interest to our members and the community. From Introduction to Yoga to Kids Cook, from Self-Defense 101 to a Post Partum Depression Seminar, I feel there are topics for everyone. I invite you to browse our events calendar attend the programs that interest you. And remember to invite a friend, as all of our Mettler University Programs are open to anyone.

I have always felt strongly that the more informed we are about our health and wellness, the more we will do to take the steps necessary to insure staying fit and healthy throughout our lives.
 Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Getting Fit for Summer Can Be Fun
Getting Fit for Summer Can Be Fun
With summer fast approaching, there's more pressure than ever to look and feel our best, whether that's because we're pulling on billowy sundresses for work, hitting the beach with friends, or chasing kids around the park.

To learn specific moves that target problem areas or that might give you the energy you need to survive another family hiking adventure, make an appointment with one of our personal trainers. Otherwise, follow these spring training guidelines.

Start slow. If you exercise 3-4 times per week, you're less likely to get injured than if you work out only on the weekend and do nothing all week.

Monitor Your Level of Exertion. A personal trainer can help you determine how much energy you need to exert to reap fitness benefits. No need to overexert yourself! Also, if you've been hibernating all winter it could take as long as 6 weeks to re-establish a good fitness base.

Make a plan and stick to it. By writing down what you're doing each day, you can track your progress. Even if the scale doesn't budge, knowing that you're losing inches will help you stick with your workout plan. You can also track whether you're sleeping better or have more energy.

Train With Others at Your Level. Make sure you're always training with others who are at or near your fitness level. Training with your super-fit friends can make you overdo it (and get injured). The less fit will hold you back.

Have Fun. It's finally nice out which means you can enjoy being outdoors. Ditch the treadmill and run at Meadowbrook Park or hop off the stationary bike and explore downtown Champaign or Urbana with your main squeeze.
    Take the Guesswork Out of Shopping
Shopping for groceries can be confusing. You can't pronounce half of words on the ingredients list or tell the difference between all natural and organic items.

Throw on a couple dietary restrictions like your wife's diabetes, your teen's vegetarianism (it's a phase, right?), and your youngest's protests against anything that's not ketchup covered, and your trip to the grocery store just became a nightmare!

How much can diet really matter? A lot, actually. Changing your diet is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and fitness. That's why County Market and Mettler have teamed up to help take the guess work out of grocery shopping.

Starting last month, "Live Well" shelf signs were posted in each County Market store to help customers identify healthier foods in selected aisles.

Low-fat, low-sugar, low-sodium, and high-fiber foods will be marked. Other healthy options that don't fall into those categories (or ones that overlap) will be labeled as "Better Choice" options. It's like having a registered dietitian with you the whole time.

Still need help determining your nutritional needs? Call the Mettler Center or Mettler Athletic to set up a free consult with our RD.
   Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month!
April marks National Occupational Therapy Month. This month is about recognizing the health profession that helps the lives of individuals affected by illness or injury.

What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational therapy (OT) is a profession that enables people of all ages to "live life to its fullest" by helping them promote health, preventor live better withinjury, illness, or disability. OTs help their patients live satisfying lives by making sure they reach the top levels of function, through purposeful activities.

The Mettler Center is able to provide OT to those who have had an interruption of use of their arm or hand, through surgery, injury, stroke, overuse, or pain.

To schedule an appointment with Sheila King, our OT and certified hand therapist (CHT), call the Mettler Center.
Offer Expires: 5/31/09
$5 off
Save $5 with the purchase of a 30-minute Early Bird Massage.
Nutrition Tip
of the Month
To control cravings, don't stifle them. Instead, schedule an ice cream break. Then eat some and savor the texture and taste! You'll eat less that way. More nutrition...
Upcoming Events
4/1        April Fool's Day
4/4        Kids Cook
4/4        HS Catcher's Camp
4/5        In-Season
4/5        Tai Chi
4/6        Iyengar Yoga
4/7        Self Defense 101
4/9        Qi Gong
4/10      Intro to Yoga
4/14      Strength Training
4/14      Everyday Cooking
4/15      Maximize Your
4/16      Guess Your Grip
4/22      Earth Day
4/25      Pilates
5/3        Qi Gong

View our online calendars for the most current information.

Get Your Kids Going With These Tips
After months stuck indoors it can be hard to get your kids moving. They've gotten used to the video games, movie nights, and board games. If you need help getting them outdoors again, try these tips.

Create a treasure chest. Fill a chest or container with balls, rackets, nets, Frisbees, jump ropes and sidewalk chalk.

Explore nearby parks and pools. Or, run around Hessel Park and stop by Custard Cup on the way home.

Set up an obstacle course in the backyard using chairs, the swing set and trampoline.

Take a class with your kids. Whether it's Mettler Center's Family Fusion, swim lessons, or doubles tennis. You can show your kids how much fun exercise can be!

Borrow a dog from the neighbors and take it for a walk. See if you can round up a few other families to make it an outing.

Grab a kite on a windy day and head to a big, open field.

Join a sports team. Summer softball and baseball sign-up will begin soon for kids. Check out the Champaign or Urbana park districts' websites for more information.

If your kids are athletes looking forward to next season, they can register for Mettler Athletic's pre-season volleyball and football programs.

Starting in June we'll also offer two Next Level Speed and Agility programs. Athleticism classes are available year-round. Call Mettler Athletic for more information.
Take Advantage of Early Bird Specials

Take Advantage of Early Bird Massage
Massage therapist Lisa Dalbey is an early bird, which is why she's excited to offer morning massages three times a week.

Now you can start your day with a relaxing massage. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lisa will see clients from 5:30-9am. On Fridays, she's available from 5:30-8:30 am.

Contact Mettler Center member services to schedule your morning massage!
Did you Know?

...Mettler Center offers two cooking programs for kids.

The Kids Cook Class is offered monthly to teach kids to make wholesome snacks and meals.

The Kids Can Cook Camp is a healthy hands-on experience for your kids where they'll learn about nutrition and exercise. The first camp begins June 15th.

...we're also offering two new group fitness classes.

Strength Coach uses weights, balls, and bands to improve strength, agility, and balance begins April 7th.

Hi/Low, a fun, energetic cardio class that anyone can do, begins April 8th.