The Mettler Release - 03.05.2008
The Mettler Release
Welcome to the Mettler Release!

In an effort to help the environment and keep you abreast of Mettler Center's and Mettler Athletic's ever-changing, constantly evolving programs and services, the Mettler Release will now be coming to you as a monthly e-newsletter.

We'll keep your favorite sections dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. We'll also share your success stories and include interviews with our coaches, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and physical therapists so you can learn more about us.

We hope you enjoy the inaugural e-newsletter, which is designed for you, the reader. If you have questions about nutrition and fitness trends or services offered at either location, let us know, and we'll try to answer them in the next issue.
Miles Mettler
Miles Mettler, PhD
General Manager
Courtside at Mettler Athletic
If You Build It, They Will Come
Ten years ago the Mettler family embarked on building a reputation "For Whole Life Fitness" and physical therapy.

Adding to that success, the Mettler Foundation expanded, creating Mettler Athletic to further young athletes' knowledge and skills while increasing their athleticism.

With the sports enthusiast in mind, Mettler Athletic has become a training ground for amateur and professional athletes alike who want to "move to the next level." 

Among Mettler Athletic's accomplished clientele are:

Jennifer Ruddell, a Paralympic Gold Medalist in 2004 and the first woman to play in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA).

Right-handed pitcher Derek Hankins, the Pittsburg Pirates 10th Round Draft Pick in 2004.

Lars Davis, the Colorado Rockies 3rd Round Draft Pick in the 2007.

Mike Rohde, a Middle Infielder for the Gary Railcats in the Northern League, the pre-eminent modern era independent league.

Each credits Mettler Athletic for their success. "Coming off a three-year career at the University of Illinois, I was accustomed to the best and most modern workout facilities and training staffs," Rohde said. "Now that I am on my own, I needed a facility that goes beyond a weight room and cardio equipment. I needed a facility that would take my fitness and baseball skills to the next level. Mettler Athletic was the place I was looking for and more."

As Mettler Athletic approaches our year anniversary, we are laying the foundation for decades of excellence.
Infant Massage Soothes Infants' Cries

Infant massage uses different strokes to comfort and soothe children. Massage releases endorphins, the "feel good" chemicals released when eating chocolate or after working out, and oxytocin, a hormone that reduces fear and increases trust. The chemical response helps relieve most discomforts infants experience including teething, colic, chest congestion, and stress. Parents who practice infant massage gain confidence while bonding with their child. Additionally, parents report that their children's sensory awareness improves and that the children sleep longer and more deeply.

Lisa Dalbey, the Mettler Center's certified infant massage instructor, will be offering two types of infant massage classes. One class, offered in a group setting, teaches parents general massage techniques. The second class tailors massage generalities to match your infants' needs.
Offer Expires: 5/31/08
$5 off
Save $5 on an infant massage at Mettler Center.
Tip of the Week

Observe the plate rule. That's how much of the food on your dinner plate should be grains, veggies, legumes, and fruit, leaving just for meat, chicken, or fish. This will help you get a good mix of nutrients, control portion sizes, and cut down on fat.
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Upcoming Events

Improve Your
Swing by Spring

Need a few extra swings to improve your golf handicap from last year? Visit Mettler Athletic's new golf mats.

Mettler Athletic provides tees and balls, and you bring your clubs. Call Mettler Athletic at (217) 398-9800 to reserve your mat. Each half-hour rental is $10. Please schedule 24 hours in advance to reserve your mat.
group fitness

Enjoy Fitness
with a Friend
Having fitness goals doesn't mean that you have to work out alone. Grab a friend and choose from the Mettler Center's large selection of group fitness classes.

Want to dance? Cardio Salsa and Indian Medley Dance classes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and fitness level.

Would you like a mind-body class to relax? Lori Cuffey, a physical therapist, teaches Pilates Monday evenings. There are also two Strength Yoga classes and a Stretch and Body Alignment class. Wednesday evenings feature Core Yoga.

If you have Type II diabetes or cancer, our Qi Gong class is designed to meet your needs.

Need help finding the class that is right for you? Email Joy Sheehan, Group Fitness Coordinator, to find out which class would be best for you.
infant massage
Mettler Massage
Mettler now offers massage seven days a week, including Sunday. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 356-6543.
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