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All around us are signs of spring and new life. We encourage you to see springtime as a new beginning. A time to rise from our winter "hibernation" and tackle personal health and fitness goals. But don't push yourself too hard in getting back.

To help in this effort, we are offering several gentle programs including: Beginner Tai Chi, Warm "Candle-Lite" Yoga, Mindful Movement, and much more. Please check out our program registration to see if any of these unique classes could complement what you are already doing. 
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Understanding Running Injuries
Understanding Running Injuries:
with Matthew Gordon, PT, DPT
What are some of the more common areas people can sustain injuries to while they are training for a marathon, ½ marathons, 10k, or 5k?

As we run our feet, legs, pelvis, and spine have to absorb up to 8 times our body weight each time we land. This increased force on our joints and muscles can really take a toll on our body. Thus, injuries can include the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee, thigh, hip, and lower back.
How do most of these injuries occur?

Typically, injuries occur as the result of poor mechanics, reduced flexibility, weakness, and not allowing enough time to heal.
What should every runner be doing to prevent injury?

First, a good stretching program is key. When we have a tight muscle it can prevent normal motion from occurring. This then leads to abnormal movements and can increase stress elsewhere in the body. If this goes unchecked it can lead to injury.
Second, strengthening the legs. Running puts more force into your body when you land, and you have to strengthen the muscles of the legs so that they are able to absorb these forces without injury.
If people do not know what to stretch or strengthen, a physical therapist can help guide and prepare one for a race and keep you safe while you train.
What advice would you give to someone who is training and currently feeling pain?

Regardless of whether the pain you are experiencing is acute or chronic, sharp or dull, there is a reason for the pain. And the pain is acting as a warning light telling you that something needs to be fixed. When this is happening, it is time to see a physical therapist who can assess your strength, flexibility, and running.
What if someone is not currently in pain, but is simply unsure of running mechanics, how fast to progress their running, or what exercises they should be doing?

The easiest thing to do is to come into Mettler Center and take advantage of a free, 30-minute consult where a physical therapist can assess your condition and give a recommendation of what to do next. We can also spend time talking about how to safely progress and assess one's movement patterns. We are here to help you achieve your goals while functioning at your best.

Have questions about an injury? Ask an Expert. Your injury can be evaluated by a physical therapist who can detect functional problems and make the best possible recommendation for treatment. 
Offer expires: 3/25/16 
 Warm "Candle-Lite" Yoga 
Try the first class (Thursday, March 24th) on us! Enjoy!
Upcoming Events 
3/15  Tai Chi*
3/27  Easter Sunday - Closed
4/1    Member Potluck

View our class schedule for the most current information.
Closed for Easter
Just a reminder that Mettler Center will be closed on Easter Sunday, March 27th. 
Save the Date -Member Potluck
You're invited to celebrate the arrival of spring with other Mettler members on Friday, April 1st at 12 noon. Sign-up for a dish in Studio A.
10 Visits to FitRewards & More!
Please take special notice of a recent change to FitRewards. You will now earn 100 points after 10 visits each month.

Additionally, SilverSneakers are eligible to take part in a monthly drawing when submitting a completed punch card (10 punches). Receive a punch for using the facility, attending a class, and all appointments.
Tai Chi & New
Beginner Tai Chi
Beginner Tai Chi (NEW)
Improve balance, strength, and body awareness. This gentle class will progress slowly as you learn the fundamentals.
Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m.
March 16 - May 4

Tai Chi
Build and maintain balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength. Beginners welcome.
Tues/Thurs. 6:30-7:20 p.m.
March 15 - May 5

Register at member services, online, or by phone. 
Mindful Movement 
Mindful Movement, now offered as a semi-private, fee-based class, will begin it's next session on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. March 23 and will run through April 27th in our Private Studio.

Mindful Movement is an eclectic class which focuses on balance, breath, flexibility, and overall movement. Limited space is available. Sign up online.
Try Warm _Candle-Lite_ Yoga Free
Try "Candle-Lite" Yoga for Free
Everyone is welcome to try out our Warm "Candle-Lite" Yoga for free on Thursday, March 24th at 6 p.m. in STR with Emily Sawlaw. Should you decide to continue, classes run each week through April 28th.

Warm "Candle-Lite" is a soothing way to end your day as you combine stretches with restorative work at 85 degrees. Sign up online.
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