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Begin Your Recovery in the Pool

Have you ever considered if Aquatic Therapy is right for you? The unique properties of water allows a physical therapist to treat a variety of patients, of all ages, who otherwise have a difficult time completing exercises and activities in a traditional therapy setting.

Mettler Center has two physical therapists who carry out this program, offered at the Stephen's Family YMCA. 

In the article below, we lay out a few guidelines for those who may be wondering if this is the right fit for them. And don't miss our upcoming Aquatic Therapy Q&A with Jasmine Evans, PT, DPT.
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
Is Aquatic Therapy Right for You_
Is Aquatic Therapy Right for You?
Who can benefit from Aquatic Therapy?
It is safe to say that patients who deal with limited range of motion or flexibility, weakness, impaired endurance, or postural & gait abnormalities would benefit from aquatic therapy.

Which conditions are benefited by Aquatic Therapy?
  • Joint replacements (e.g. knee, hip, and shoulder)
  • Generalized pain (e.g. patients with fibromyalgia)
  • Joint pain (e.g. knee, hip, neck, and back)
  • Generalized deconditioning
Which factors disqualify one from Aquatic Therapy?
  1. Open wounds, skin infections, bleeding or hemorrhage
  2. Water or airborne infections, (e.g. influenza, GI infections)
  3. Bowel or bladder incontinence
  4. Unstable blood pressure (high or low)
  5. Unstable heart, kidney, or respiratory conditions
  6. Serious dizziness spells
  7. Severe epilepsy
Do I need to know how to swim?
No, knowing how to swim is not necessary because the water only goes up to five feet in depth and there are several flotation devices available. However, if you are fearful of the water, this could pose a significant challenge for yourself and your therapist. Communicate any concerns with your therapist prior to starting therapy.

What is the temperature of the Aquatic Therapy pool? 
The water temperature can be around 98 °F. For most people, this feels very soothing, a few patients may find this temperature to be too warm and will experience fatigue quicker than others. Please discuss all medical conditions with your therapist during the initial visit to ensure that your accommodations can be promptly met.

How can I learn more? 
If you would like to learn more, you can schedule a 30-minute consultation or attend our informative talk on Wednesday, March 22nd from 10-10:30 a.m. in the Mettler lounge. Or, sign up for a mini-consultation on 3/23 or 3/24. 

Jasmine Evans, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist at Mettler Center. Have questions regarding Aquatic Therapy? Ask an Expert.
Be Inspired: Paul Benson
Paul Benson is a wonderful example of discipline and dedication in an effort to slow down the aging process! "I want to be physically able to be active," says Paul. 

He remembers going on a trip to Italy not long ago, in which he participated in a walking tour of a city. This freedom drives him to remain proactive in his approach to health and wellness.
So, when Paul, age 74, started repeatedly bumping into walls, he thought, "I've got to do something about this, because if this gets worse, I'm in trouble." He has been through Mettler's Balance & Vestibular program not once, but twice! "It's very helpful," he says.
While in the balance class, he talked with other participants who were also doing Alexander Technique. Not soon after, Paul had booked Alexander Technique with Laura Chiaramonte and works with her weekly on relieving his low back pain by, "teaching his body to work properly," in sitting, standing, and walking.
Meanwhile, Paul continues his routine of exercising nearly every day and working with Bart Lindsay, Personal Trainer, every two weeks for a half hour. Bart works closely with Laura & Dr. Matthew Gordon to get Paul to where he wants to be!
Overall, Paul's key to success is, "I'm learning a new way to do what I've done before."

Join us for the next Balance & Vestibular session, starting Monday, March 6th. Call 356-6543 or register online.

Have more questions? Ask an Expert.
Offer expires: 3/31/17 
30-Minute Massage for every $200
you spend in Personal Training.
Limit two per customer. Valid for massages up to $40 in value. Cannot be combined with other offers. 
Upcoming Events 
3/6     Balance Program
3/22   Aquatic Therapy Q&A
3/23   Aquatic Therapy Screen
3/24   Aquatic Therapy Screen
3/25   Smoke Alarm Blitz

View our class schedule for the most current information.
New Hours
Starting in March, Mettler Center will have new hours for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Below are our new hours.

Mon-Thu: 5:15am-10pm
Friday: 5:15am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-6pm 
Aquatic Therapy Q&A
Aquatic therapy is an effective way to work on a great deal of physical impairments and functional limitations which might otherwise be too difficult to perform on land.

Come learn the benefits of Aquatic Therapy, and determine whether it could help you.

When: Wed., March 22, 10am
Location: Mettler lounge
Presenter: Dr. Jasmine Evans

There will be a time of question and answers. Sign up for a 10-minute Aquatic screening on March 23rd or 24th.
Wellness Coaching
Need some extra support and accountability in your health & fitness journey? Then consider wellness coaching.

Sarah Graham, BSN, NC-BC, can assist you in setting goals and then creating a plan to achieve them.

Here are some other reasons to see a Wellness Coach:

* Stress Management
* Pain Management
* Awareness & Mindfulness
* Lifestyle & Balance
* Time Management
* Improving Sleep
* Managing Grief

What are you waiting for? Learn more by scheduling a FREE consult today!
Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic Therapy provides a unique environment which allows patients to exercise earlier, more efficiently and more comfortably than a traditional, clinic setting. Aquatic therapy is ideally-suited for post-surgical rehab, hip, knee & back, orthopedic injuries and joint/spine arthritis.

To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute consultation at the Physical Therapy desk, or call 398-9800.   
Balance Program 
You know the importance of maintaining and improving your balance as you age. Now is your opportunity to take action!

Our Balance & Vestibular Program will enhance function of your muscular, nervous, proprioception and vestibular systems for improved posture, balance and movement with increased control of your body.

Mon/Wed, 3:15-4:15pm
March 6 - April 13
Member: $90 Guest: $105

Space is limited. Sign up today. To register, please call 356-6543, stop by Member Services, or register online.
Community Spotlight:
Smoke Alarm Blitz
The Sheehan family, with the help of the Champaign Fire Dept. and American Red Cross, have organized a Christian Sheehan Smoke Alarm Blitz on March 18th and 25th.

This event comes at the one-year mark of the terrible fire on Cypress Drive and honors the lives of those it took there.

March 18th will be canvasing neighboring homes to let residents know of the blitz the following weekend.

On the morning of March 25th, teams of three will be checking neighboring residents' current smoke alarm, and if needed, replacing it for free.

Volunteers are welcome and needed. Anyone interested in coming out for either one or both Saturdays should contact
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