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It's Never Too Late to Make a Change

Mettler Center strives to encourage each of our members in their wellness journey. We believe in whole-life fitness because each person is dynamic and no two people are alike.


As we move away from the hype of the New Year's resolutions, let us narrow our focus to a realistic one or two things to focus on in the coming year.


We hope you will allow the Mettler Center to support you in making the best choices each day. We are striving to create a sense of community so that you feel like you are at home each time you visit!

Paul Mettler
Paul Mettler, PT, DPT
5 Healthy Habits to Develop in 2013
5 Healthy Habits to Develop in 2013
Was your resolution among the 1/3 which never made it to February? Or perhaps you never pulled the trigger on one? It is never too late to create better habits. We recommend picking just one. Then ask yourself the corresponding question in the following article.
  1. Move
    The average person sits in a chair 9.3 hours a day, which ruins our bodies through lack of calorie burning and poor body mechanics. The body was not built to sit for long periods of time. We were made to move, so, every chance you get, stand up, take the stairs, make sure you exercise, and be creative. Instead of talking with your friend over coffee, try running or cycling together.
  2. Stretch
    We get our heart rate up with cardio, and then feel very strong after we strength train. However, with our busy lifestyle we often forget the important component of stretching and flexibility. Take the time to stretch each day or make a yoga/Pilates class a new staple in your fitness routine.
  3. Sleep More
    Sleep experts say, sleep for the brain is what defragmentation is to a computer. Sleep is a must and getting between 7 to 9 hours a night will actually extend your life, not to mention makes it a lot more enjoyable. Make it a priority to find a consistent sleep schedule that works for you.
  4. Make New Friends
    Investing in those around you is very satisfying and in giving to others, you receive much in return. The gym or a group exercise class are great venues to meet new people and start taking an interest in their life.
  5. Listen to Music
    Music has healing power. Music can help us relax, lower blood pressure, boost our mood, relieve pain, and increase concentration. And, no, Beethoven is not the only music with benefits. So listen up and make music a part of your everyday life. Make a new playlist or turn on the radio, and enjoy while you are on a walk or run.

Questions to Help You Meet Your Goals

After choosing a simple goal (from the article above), ask yourself:


  • What physical activities do you enjoy doing?
    Find an activity you enjoy and you will be more likely to stick with it. Yoga, Zumba, running, walking, tennis, cycling--find what works for you! 
  • Who could your accountability partner be?
    Make a commitment with a friend, relative, or co-worker to keep each other accountable and be active together.


  • When could you set aside time each day to stretch? Schedule stretching into your day; don't leave it to chance or under the condition if you have time. 
  • What resources are available to integrate more stretching?
    Try using a foam roller or taking a mind-body class to help you get started.

Sleep More

  • What typically keeps you from going to bed on time?
    Plan ahead and reorganize your day so you are not writing e-mails late at night or packing lunches at 11 p.m.
  • Are you setting yourself up for success?
    Make your bed a sleep haven by not paying bills, writing reports, or texting on your cell phone while in bed. Instead, read a good book, avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime, and disconnect from everything when it is time for bed.

Make New Friends

  • How are you connecting with those around you?
    Be proactive and go beyond asking people the typical "how are you?" Be creative; ask your co-worker, "What was the highlight of their weekend?" Or after a group class, "What brings you to this class?" A simple question can get the conversation flowing, and over time a friendship may develop. 

Listen to Music

  • When I could benefit from music but haven't made the effort?
    Music as the power to relax, motivate, and even distract your mind from a tough workout. Maybe you could have Pandora playing on your computer at work, or listen to radio or a CD while cleaning your house.
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More Than Exercise

Barry Rowe Barry Rowe has been an active member since his wife recruited him 9 years ago.

"Every day when I am done; I feel better!" says Barry, who's commitment to regular exercise and a balanced diet allows him to manage his diabetes without medications. His wife, Maria, has also noticed a positive difference in herself since she started attending PACE & Chair Yoga regularly.

Barry describes Mettler Center as more than just exercise; it's, "a community." Being a part of the Mettler Center has allowed him to build new friendships and reconnect with previous colleagues and friends!

Outside of the gym, his friends are impressed with how easily he lifts heavier objects when restoring old British sports cars, and he attributes his strength to the work he does at the Mettler Center!

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Mettler on the Radio 
Speaking of music having health benefits, turn your radio to The Mix 94.5, The Chief 92.5, or WYXY Classic 99.1, from now through mid-April.

Mettler will be a topic of discussion on these three stations as several radio personalities are working with our very own Registered Dietitian, Melissa Smith, and personal trainers, Garrett Arndt and Eddie Edwards.

We are very excited about this wonderful opportunity for the entire community to get to share in the health and wellness journey of these individuals with the leadership of the Mettler Center staff.
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We'd like to remind you to please pick up after yourself in the locker rooms. Towels should be picked up off the floor and put in the bin to be washed. Please leave cell phones on silent while working out or getting ready, too.

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